STONO ECHO Experience Black Diamonds


Paten Locke and Jay Myztroh are Stono Echo, a Soul Hip-Hop Duo based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Paten Locke is responsible for the masterfully crafted musical landscapes. His experience and resume authenticate and qualify the caliber of Hip-Hop represented in the project.

Myztroh’s musical lens infuses his skills as multi-instrumentalist and composer to wield vocal melodies with a rich understanding of harmony and counterpoint.

A unified voice and philosophy is expressed through the music of Stono Echo. Their name alludes to the 1739 Stono Rebellion. The music serves as a vehicle of emancipation for both the musicians and the listeners. The artists seek to unite people under their rhythms and move them with frequencies of harmony, love and justice.

Paten Locke and Jay Myztroh’s individual musical tastes and experiences combine to form a group that is uniquely rebellious; STONO ECHO.


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