Igbo Tribal Life Aldo Gutierrez - Ochoa

Location- Southern Nigeria

Population- 5.5

Language- Igbo (Kwa subfamily of Niger congo language family)

The Igbo tribes have different set of beliefs. They have different traditions the we might thing is strange. Like in the tribe age and gender are important to gain respect. The respect goes to the males in the tribe. Many Igbo men have more than one wife. There social status depends on how many wives/children he has and how wealthy. If he has multiple children/wives it means he can support the, showing he has wealth. They have to build farm plots to have his wives and dependants work on to make a living. Family is made up from the wife(s), the amount of children and the one male. Typical Igbo family's have about 30 people in there families. They also have a extended family made up of parents,wives,sons,unmarried daughters. They live in a large compound separate from the main house.

The birth of a boy is important. First the Igbo mother burns the umbilical cord at the foot of a tree after 8 days of the child's birth. Then they have a ceremony of feasting and drinking trying to come up with the child name. They usually pick a name beaded on the child's birthmarks.

Marriage is an elaborate process. First the male has to ask for the woman's consent. Then they have to arrange for a middleman. The male then tests the woman's chacracter. Finally buying the woman's wealth. But marriage isn't accomplishe even after one year it takes Sevarl years.

Created By
Aldo Gutierrez Ochoa

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