flood of 2004 The tragic disaster of a flood that flood the whole city.

The disaster of a flood in Boscastle in 2004 16th august it has destroyed cars, homes, trees etc people was terrified because they lost what they only had they didn't know where to live and also could not go anywhere because their whole city was flooded with dirty water. I felt that why would they have a river by the homes knowing that people lived in them homes adults, babies , old people , and children and that they could drowned and die but luckily no one died and only one person was injured with a broken wrist because they fell over because the person was running to try and not get taken away by the flood the emergency helicopter rescued all the people so they was safe and sound and did not get hurt but all their things were destroyed things like photos and clothes and personal things


Created with images by Sheep purple - "Flooded"

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