MGA 102 Principles and History of Typography skevina papakyprianou, katerina theodorou

Typography is everywhere
Everyday Typography
Typography before Gutenberg
Rosetta Stone
Monks typography
Anatomy of Typography
Anatomy of Typography
Literal anatomy of typography
Historical Taxonomies
Old Style
Swiss Style
David Carson typography
Project 2
Project 2 Skevina Papakyprianou
Project 2 Katerina Theodorou
Neville Brody's Typefaces
Neville Brody and Insignia typeface
FF Blur by Neville Brody
England Brody by Neville Brody
Typographic Hierarchy
Typographic Hierarchy
Positive and Negative Space
Black and White/ Dark and Bright
Project 3
Hierarchy - Project 3 Skevina Papakyprianou
Hierarchy - Project 3 Katerina Theodorou
Type as image
The word HOLE
The word PEEL
The word FALL
Interesting grids
Interesting grids
Golden ratio
Applications of golden ratio on art and architecture
Golden ratio
Applications of golden ratio on graphic design
Experimental typography
By Emily Griffiths
By Cassie Hester
Project 4
Swiss Style by Skevina Papakyprianou
Neville Brody by Katerina Theodorou
Project 1
Shape and Letter by Skevina Papakyprianou
Shape and Letter by Katerina Theodorou

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