Making your (wAter) mark in Lightroom mobile A Guide to recent interface changes for adding watermarks in Lightroom Mobile

In November and December of 2019, the mobile app for Lightroom (I'll call it Lightroom mobile from this point on) received some significant updates. You can read about all the cool things that have been changed or added here: https://helpx.adobe.com/ca/lightroom-cc/using/whats-new.html, but what I'll be focusing on is the new workflow for adding a watermark to your shared/exported photos.

Lightroom mobile still only supports text (no graphics/logos, yet, I'm afraid). The workflow is now broken out into two parts The basic setup is configured in the Settings menu (Settings > Watermarking). Here you will add you text watermark along with text formatting and positioning.

In Settings, tap the Watermarking option.
Customize the look and position and default text of your watermark.

With the latest updates to Lightroom mobile, we've been given much more control over how we share/export our images. You now have a list of options, many of them configurable. In fact, the only share option that is not highly configurable is the Edit In option.

  • Share to...
  • Open in
  • Edit In
  • Export to Camera Roll
  • Export to Files (iOS)
  • Export as...

With the exception of Edit In, you can enable or disable the watermarking for any workflow, independently of the others. This can be a big timesaver. For example, you might want to have watermarking turned on for images you want to push out to social media (typically through the Share to... option), but you might not want the watermarking enabled when saving to files or to the camera roll.

  1. Start by selecting an image or multiple images. You can long press any image to shift into select mode, or choose the elipses (...) at the upper right corner of the app, and tapping Select.
  2. Choose your export workflow (Share to... for example)
  3. Customize the basic export settings (Small or a custom size might be good for social media)
  4. Tap on More Options
  5. Toggle the Include Watermark switch.
  6. Customize other settings as desired.

The settings you choose for each workflow are sticky, so you won't need to change it again unless you want to.

Click any image to enlarge these screen shots.

And that's all there is to it. Ideally, I'd like to have the option to reposition the watermark during the export process, so I don't have to back out of my export workflow to make that change, or even better, the ability to set the watermark location on an image-by-image basis. But this new level of granularity is a step in the right direction. You can also customize the watermark text for each workflow, which could be quite handy.

Created By
Jim Babbage