Kim Anderson P2 Vivian liu

Kim Anderson is one of the best and well known photographer for photographing children. His real name is Bertram Bahner he named himself Kim Anderson because the name stands for worldwide fame for child photography. He was born in 1959 and lives in Zug, Switzerland since 1995.

Kim Anderson began his career photographing people and fashion, while also doing work in advertising and became successful European Photographer. He started shooting his children play and realized he was capturing moments of universal appeal. Now he is one of the most widely published photographers in the world. His works are published on postcards, cards, plates, books and stationary.

Kim Anderson is best known for how he edits he photos. All his photos are black and white with bursts of color to heighten the moments he has captured.His signature style always contains a single red rose, bouquet of bright yellow flowers or the soft brown fur of a well-loved teddy bear, oversized floppy hats, knee length suit jackets and bulky sweaters with rolled-up sleeves.

Initially inspired to record his three year old daughter Nicola playing with her friends, Bahner discovered that he had captured moments of universal appeal. The resulting photographs evoke soul filled feeling of happiness, wonder, innocence and tenderness and of childhood days gone by. He then decided to specialize in photographing children. He is the father of two, and he considers his 7 year old daughter his inspiration and she’s often his top model. He works with children photography just for fun.

There is no solution about the cameras and lens on the internet. But Kim Anderson uses hand colored black and white photo effects every time. He uses this technique to create a stronger visual impact on his photos.

The photographer always uses natural daylight. We can find this from his photos. He usually takes the photos outside. You can see the exact sunshine on the model's body.

I like these pictures because the photographer's children are so cute, I really love the small kids. He always focuses on his children so that he can catch the best pictures. Kim anderson uses hand colored black and white photo effects which are also a great idea. That makes the pictures more colorful compare to the black and white background,

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