Venus The hottest planet

The temperature on Venus is 460 degrees Celsius. The orbit of Venus is 225 Earth days. It was found by Galileo in 1610.

The weather on Venus is like acid rain and metal snow and the clouds are sulfuric. Venus has no moons. The weight of Venus is 4.867*10^24. The equatorial diameter is 12,100 kilometers. Lightning on Venus can break molecules into fragments.

Venus's toxic gases are poisonous to humans. At night Venus shines brighter then the stars. Venus has craters, volcanoes, and canyons. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. Venus is based off of the Greek goddess of love Venus.

We have sent 38 satalights to Venus. The temperature is hot enough to melt lead. Venus's surface appears to be shaped extensive volcanic activity. The lightning is to believed to be caused by volcanic activity.

The winds reach speeds of 300 km/h. It takes 6 minutes to get sunlight. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Venus's orbit is almost a perfect circle. Venus has an axial of 3 degrees wich means it doesn't have noticeable seasons. The rocks look grey but because of the clouds it looks orange.

Venus's magnetic field is less then Earth's. Venus's average distance from the sun is 108 million kilometers. Venus has big lava plains. Venus's surface is hotter then Mercury's

The pressure is simaler to 1 km under the Earth ocean. Ishtar Terra wich is about the size of Alstralia. Aphrodite Terra is about the size of South America.

Venus is barley volcanically active but still a little bit in hotspots. Venus has pancake volcanoes which erupt thick lava wich are clapsed domes over large magma chambers.

About 90 percent of the surface of Venus appears to be recently solidified basalt lava. Venus's surface was thought to be completely resurfaced by volcanic activity 300 million to 500 million years ago.

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