Elephant Run Tanner Kaples

Exemplary Evaluator May 4th Roland smith

  1. Born and raised in Portland,Oregon.
  2. Smith is 65 years of age.
  3. In 1990 he published his first book.
  4. In 1997 he published his 2nd book
  5. zoologist.
  6. Childrens author
  7. Attended Portland University
  8. Helped save endangered animals from the 1989 oil spill.
  9. His name has 11 letters.
  10. At 5 years of age his parents bought him a typewriter
  11. The typewriter weighed more than him.
  12. He loved the sound the typewriter made...
  13. He loved the look of the letters...
  14. Wanting to write led him to Animals.
  15. He majored in English.
  16. His wife's name is Marie.
  17. Him and his wife live on a small town south of Portland.
  18. Most of of his books include animal.
  19. Smith has one award.
  20. He won the American Society of Cinematographers award for outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Regular Series.
  21. American author of adult fiction and nonfiction kids books
  22. He was Born on November,30th 1951
  23. He made one play.
  24. The play he made is called Pedal Pusher.
  25. His far that he lives on is 35 acers

Connection builder May 3rd

In my Story ¨Elephant Run¨ The Japanese are trying to take over Burma And send the people to special camps.And I have something like that going on in my life at the moment. Well let me tell you about it...... Right outside my door a very bloody and dangerous war is happening between the red ants and the black ones,they just hate each other.The Red ants try to take over the black ants home. And some ants escape but other get captured and taken back to the Red ants lair and most likely get killed.... no one knows

Character Captain May 2nd

May 1st

Literary Luminary April 28th

Discussion Director April 26th

THINGS Japs would do- The Jap´s would attack the burmese... The Japs would raid the burmese... Japanese would capture some of the burmese...Japanese would kill burmese people...Japanese would torture The burmese. Burmese Culture- The majority of the people speak Tibeto Burman-Languages .... About 80 percent of the population lives in rural areas...Traditional houses are made of Bamboo...rangoon has a population is about 4 million..Rice is the Staple food for them... Burmese eat a morning meal and a late meal only ... The economy is dominated by agriculture... The military has ruled the country since 1962.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25th

When people would see this they would instantly see a ¨thing¨ running at them and would be scared ! And they would think this is a serious problem that needs to be taken care of. Thats how we would get people to follow..

Connection builder April 24th

Some similarities between Nick and I are..... well me and nick were both a little chunky. Me and nick are also very good yard workers.Me and Nick are brave too.Me and nick are very good looking individuals. Me more than him but....

Character captain April 21st

Literary Luminary April 19th

Discussion Director April 18th

In the book Elephant run (historical fiction) by Roland Smith.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

well ya see if you examine the ¨theme¨ here you will understand automatically sooooo dont ask me ask your self.

Connection Builder April 13

Both the books are during World War ll. in "The Whispering town" a family is hiding some Jews from the Nazi's,and the Nazi's are searching for Jew's house to house. In the end the whole town leads the Jews out of the town safety by whispering "this way" to let the Jew's know how to escape... in the book i'm reading "Elephant run" Nick and other people are hiding underground in subway stations from Nazi bombing until Nick's apartment gets blown up and his mom sends him to Burma with his dad till things clear up.

Character Captain April 12th





lover of elephants

who feels the need to know how his father is

who needs to go to Burma where it´s safer

who gives ..... nothing really

who fears Naziś

Literary luminary April 10th

  • "were you able to contact Bernard" pg 3......Nick is worried about his stepfather(Bernard)
  • "what are we going to do now" pg 3.....Nick was wondering what him and his mother were going to do since there apartment burnt down.
  • "before this happened I talked to your father" pg 4......Nick's mom was going to tell him about what they were going to do
  • "the situation in Burma is unstable," pg 4.....Nick's mom is going to explain what they're doing.
  • " But things here are worse. He thinks you be safer with him." pg 4....nick is going to go live with his dad for a while
  • "I agree with him.I'm sending you to Burma." pg 4....That's what's going to happen

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