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Ramadan is a holiday celebrated by people who practice the Muslim faith. During Ramadan, we fast and pray for a month. The poem " Ramadan" relates to me because it talks about Ramadan and it reminds me of my country. This poem is important because it show the author how Muslim people fast during the month of Ramadan.


By khlaled Mattawa

M mother forgets to feed her animals

because it's only fair.

She rushes to them when

she hears hoarse roosters crowing

and billy goats butting

over a last straw.

This month the moon becomes a princess.

The stars fan her,

Jupiter pours cups of wine,

Mars sings melancholy mawals.

Bearded men holding prayer beads

and yellow booklets stare at her

and point aching fingers at her waist.

In our house we break a fast

with dates from Huun

and glasses of buttermilk.

Then on to bowls of lamb soup

flavored with mint, trays

of stuffed grape leaves,

spiced fava beans drenched

in olive oil and lemon juice.

And that is only the beginning.

The spirits of Johnny Walker and gin

hide in the trunks of white Peugeots.

In the nightclubs of my city, waiters

serve only non-alcoholic beer

and belly dancers cover themselves.

Father of sixteen children, our neighbor

visits bringing two kilos of baklava.

He washes them down with a dozen

demitasses of sweet sage tea.

Before dawn he runs to one

of his two wives, both named Sand loves her hurriedly,

his hands barely touching a breast.

Praying mean a lot to Muslim people and it's rule of are religions. This poem about religion. Religion is important to me because every Muslim have to pry 5 times a day.

"Praying Rug"


Those intervals

between the day’s

five calls to prayer

the women of the house

pulling thick threads

through vegetables

rosaries of ginger

of rustling peppers

in autumn drying for winter

in those intervals this rug

part of Grandma’s dowry


so the Devil’s shadow

would not desecrate

Mecca scarlet-woven

with minarets of gold

but then the sunset

call to prayer

the servants

their straw mats unrolled

praying or in the garden

in summer on grass

the children wanting

the prayers to end

the women’s foreheads

touching Abraham’s

silk stone of sacrifice

black stone descended

from Heaven

the pilgrims in white circling it

this year my grandmother

also a pilgrim

in Mecca she weeps

as the stone is unveiled

she weeps holding on

to the pillars

"Taking one for the tame" by Sara Holbrook. The poem talks about Sports. Sport is my favorite hobby. I love playing soccer as team because we can communicate to each other. Sports mean a lot to me because I can be part of team, and can make friends of it.

"Taking One for the Team"

By Sara Holbrook

We practiced together,

sweat and stained.

We pummeled each other

and laughed off pain.

Teams may disagree,

may tease,

may blame.

Teams may bicker and whine,

but get down for the game.

You had my back.

We fought the fight.

And though our score

was less last night,

we're walking tall.

Our team came through

and stuck together like Crazy Glue.

I'm proud to say

I lost with you.

" I was a hurry " by Dunya Mikhail This poem talks about country and it reminds me of my self because I left my country and went to another country like America. The reason that I left because it was very dengures and it was not save at all.

"Chose your Sports" by The poem talks about sports and how sports are good for your body and fun. Sports can provide a future but some can make you angry like me . When I play soccer, we get to communicate and work as team but sometimes you have to work by yourself.

Let's turn off our video games,

and run outside.

From so many sports,

we may choose and decide.

Baseball, soccer,

and basketball are fun,

Let's grab some friends,

and play in the sun.

In baseball, you will be,

running around.

When you hit the ball,

it's a beautiful sound.

In soccer, you pass the ball,

using your feet,

Drink lots of water,

and watch out for the heat.

In basketball, the best sound,

is a swish,

Making ten in a row,

is a wonderful wish.

Whatever sports,

you decide to play,

Enjoy them with friends,

each and every day.

"Riches" by Jeanne D. Rhein . The poem talks about rich family. Family is very important to me because they are the one who brought me to life and taught me every thing from the wrong thing to the right thing and other thing. But family will be in our heart because we have feelings about them.

They say that times were tough then

That money was very tight

But I remember my childhood

And I know that can't be right

Mom would cook our dinner

Dad came home at five

We were all sitting at the table

Waiting for him to arrive

We wouldn't eat from a microwave

Or a restaurant down the street

We all ate Mom's home cooking

And boy that can't be beat

We didn't eat in front of the TV

Or with a phone in our hand

We weren't plugged into a stereo

bopping to the latest band

We would all sit at the table

Everyone in their place

There were never any surprises

We recognized every face

Brothers to the left of me

Sisters to the right

That's the way we ate dinner

Every single night

We laughed we joked we talked we ate

We were a family don't you see

Though some may have been raised poor

You can see it wasn't me

We ate collards we ate biscuits

We ate fatback and blackeyed peas

We said yes sir we said no sir

We said thank you ma'am and please

So when you talk of family life

Or how it used to be

Though many had more money

None were as rich as me

"My Family" by The poem talks about family. its reminded me of my family like when my grade are down and then they started yelling at me because my grade are low but sometime they do it for me so i can learn from my mistake. sometime i hate my family and sometime i love them. as example when they take my phone.

My wonderful family, I love dearly,

From my heart, I speak sincerely.

They make me laugh all the time,

Help me up, when I need to climb.

I know my family, truly care,

They don't judge me or compare.

Always welcome me with open arms,

They make sure nothing harm's.

I love my family, every day,

With this poem, I wish to convey.

I know they may be a little strange,

But I hope they never, ever, change.

Created By
Mohammed Al Saadi

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