Kelly Travis Health & Lifestyle Coach | Speaker | Facilitator

Kelly inspires individuals and groups to ditch limiting beliefs, free themselves from the chains of perfectionism and create their unique paths to freedom and power through prioritizing their health. Her honest, strategic and always approachable coaching style easily engages individuals, from high-performing Type A leaders to motivated employees inside organizations, to visualize and achieve impressive results through mindset, habits and self-discipline.

Cultivating Employee Wellness

Despite knowing how important health and wellness is to overall happiness and success, it often ends up at the bottom of the priority list. Surprisingly, even high-performing career professionals can feel as if they have to make a choice between a thriving, well-balanced life or success at work. Without the right mindset, we find ourselves gaining weight, sleeping less, and showing up to work full of anxiety and stress. As a result, we are not able to give our best to our employers, our employees, or ourselves. Over time, this impacts the company’s productivity and bottom line.

Kelly is a coach, speaker and trainer in holistic wellness/work-life integration. She has years of corporate sales and leadership experience which informs her approach to her work/ability to connect with ambitious, driven employees and groups.

Through behavior change, strategic goal setting, and accountability, Kelly’s work with individuals and groups leads people on a journey where eating kale and doing cardio only “work” in the context of a sustainable plan that builds in self awareness around all areas of their lives that impact health and wellness.

Your organization will experience Kelly’s mindful, flexible, non-prescriptive framework - anchored by five critical reframes essential to letting go of unrealistic expectations and embracing where they are today.

  • Self awareness: the roadmap to change
  • Mindset: the anchor to success
  • Energy: the key force for performance
  • Habits: the ritual of practice
  • Self discipline: the ultimate act of self respect

Individuals walk away feeling like they can be at peace with who they are, and have a new level of belief and trust in themselves - empowered to move forward and take control of their health and as a result, their success!

Kelly has an extremely open, positive and inspiring presence, She was able to not only fully engage a very diverse group of professional women, but also share her expertise as a health and lifestyle coach, trainer and motivational speaker and help the audience understand the importance of living a healthy and balanced life to reach optimum results in their careers. Everyone came away from the workshop so energized and uplifted.

Jill A. Bell | Executive Vice President, HR Director, Nevada State Bank

Shannon Petersen | Executive Vice President, Corporate Banking Group Manager, Nevada State Bank

Kelly can help your company or organization create:

Motivated employees or members who have gone from wanting to prioritize their health to actually getting it done.

Key tools that can be integrated into your workplace to decrease employee stress and increase productivity

An atmosphere of inclusivity as individuals are met exactly where they are in their health journey and bond over a built in sense of camaraderie.

Reductions in employee absenteeism and staff turnover. Improved morale and loyalty.

A healthier, happier, less stressed environment for all.

Services include:

  • Workshops: Full day, half day or one hour sessions
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching (leadership teams, management, and/or employees)
  • Strategic Planning (with leadership team)

Whether you are looking to provide added benefits to your staff, improve your overall environment and turnover, or create and encourage a culture of healthy lifestyle, a program can be designed for you and your team.

Kelly Travis positively impacts high performing individuals and organizations through her speaking and work. She has an extensive background in health and counseling, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she earned her certification as a Holistic Health Coach and has an additional certification with Precision Nutrition in performance nutrition. Her passion for health and wellness started in college, where she was a collegiate All-American runner at UNC-Charlotte and then earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Central Michigan University.

Kelly’s extensive background in sales, marketing and publishing in the competitive Las Vegas market allows her to seamlessly communicate with individuals and organizational teams on all levels to cultivate a sustainable healthy lifestyle that brings them joy and supports them to achieve big goals. Through her own experience climbing the "corporate ladder" and juggling two kids, Kelly quickly learned that while movement and nutrition are essential to good health - stress, sleep and the right mindset will make the difference between surviving and thriving.


Kelly is a brilliant coach who has engaged our diverse team with great success, helping them identify and achieve their highly personalized goals for a healthier lifestyle. She offers guidance and encouragement, with a presence that is extremely positive and supportive, without ever being intrusive or distracting. In short, Kelly’s wellness program has been a phenomenal addition to our workplace. We love offering this benefit to our employees – it demonstrates a tremendous commitment to our team members, and has a truly meaningful impact on both their professional and personal lives.

Jonathan Ullman | Executive Director & CEO, The Mob Museum

Kelly has helped me shift my mindset and outlook, not only on my health but also the way I look at my business. When I started working with her 6 months ago, I was in denial about my own circumstances and needed a reality check. Since that time, I've started to see what I didn’t see before. She has helped me take small manageable steps in the right direction and given me tools to help me make better choices. Our work together has not only helped me, but it has helped my business and my family. I am different compared to when I met Kelly - ready to listen to myself and make changes. And I am no longer hesitating to do it.

George Racz | Las Vegas Distillery

Kelly is unapologetically authentic which contributes to her ability to build real connections with individuals so that she can see our superpowers and inspire us to reach our full potential.

Kimberly Kindig | Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, The Mob Museum

Kelly is able to discern that delicate balance between compassion and motivation to keep me going. I have no doubt I will achieve my personal goals with her on my side. She is amazing.

Sherry Marlow | VP Administration, GeoTab USA

To request Kelly Travis as a coach for your company, please contact kelly@kellytravis.net to discuss your needs and program options.

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