Otters bY REESE

Otters are carnivores and part of the weasel family. There are 13 different species of Otters around the world.


Some otters live in the sea and in rivers and some live on land.

Antarctica and Australia are the only two countries in the world were you can not find otters.

The smallest otter in the world is from Asia and they can live up to 12 years and at the age of 1 they leave their mother.

This is how otters sleep on their mothers on the water.

Their scientific name is: Lutrinae

A otters den is called a holt or a couch

They eat frogs, bird eggs, crabs, sea urchins, clams, mussels and snail

Otters are getting endangered because of oil spills in the water from boats and ships but some are protected by the Marine mammal protection centre.

This is what a baby otter would look like, they would normally be really small.

The river otter has a streamline body and webbed feet like frog to help them swim and dens fur to keep them warm in the water.

This is what will happen if we keep letting oil spill and there will be no more of these adorable creatures.

Please help save these in danger creatures because in the future if otters are extinct future children won't now about this animal.


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