Year 5 Drama Showcase 2019

James and the Giant Peach - Year 5 Showcase Review

By Ravin, Tej & Oskar - Year 5

The Year 5 Showcase was a definite highlight of the Spring Term. It was not only exciting for the pupils and teachers; the parents thoroughly enjoyed it too. Some said ‘We were taken on a journey by the fabulous magical peach!

Year 5 showed perseverance and no mistake along the way was too big for them to handle. For example, the curtain had broken unexpectedly leaving one side of the stage uncovered. Milo, who was in full view at the end of the scene, just wiggled off in his ‘Earthworm’ costume with a smile on his face as if nothing had happened.

At the start of Scene 4a, one of the actors wasn’t there, but they didn’t let it affect them. They simply re-started the scene and didn’t let it dent their confidence or acting skills.

The Year 5 Showcase ‘James and the Giant Peach’ was a fantastic performance from the cruel Aunts to the magnificent peach. The sound effects were all made by the children and, on the night we ran the show, completely by ourselves.

Year 5 had shown great independence and the swift scene changes went like a waterfall, flowing. Our fantastic stage managers, Isabelle, Aanyia, Khushi, Aleena and Ava (to mention but a few) set up our scenes perfectly. An incredible amount of hard work went into the play and all the children should be congratulated for their performances.

Please may we say a huge thank you to Mr Donohoe for operating our lights, the Maintenance team for making us a brilliant Peach costume and Mrs Gascoigne for directing a fantastic showcase we will never forget.

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