My Chaotic Life By Nick perreault

Golf Balls and a Broken Window

Me and my brothers were in the stage of throwing things into buckets, for example golf balls into shoes. We found the perfect spot to do this in my neighbors mudroom. This mudroom was built in the garage. There were plenty of boots 5 pairs to be exact. The smallest boot was worth 1 point and then scored individually up to the largest worth 5 first to a hundred wins. That was the agreement. So we went and found a bucket of golf balls and started tossing them into the boots. At first, I was a little concerned about the window; I should have been a lot more concerned about it because it was right behind the boots. However, my concerns went out the window after a few golf balls bounced off of the windows. We had run out of golf balls so we emptied out the boots, while we were doing this we listed our scores. My little brother was leading by about 20 points with a total of 50 points. I am pretty sure that wasn’t accurate but I have no way to prove that is wasn’t. In order to make up this difference I tossed the golf balls faster and with less accuracy but it was working, I was catching up! I was 3 points away from winning when the window broke.

We weren’t sure who's golf ball caused it to break but it broke nevertheless. Sadly, my golf ball only went into a boot worth 2 so I didn’t win. Then both my brothers started blaming me for the broken window and ran home leaving me to tell my neighbors what happened. After that I have tried not to throw things when there is a window within 5 feet of where I am aiming.

Non Unique But Defining

My name comes from the Greek word, Νικολαος (Nikolaos), and it means victory of the people. I believe that victory is not necessarily winning but having fun and being happy. I am the victory of the people because very seldom will you find me in a bad mood and I try to spread joy and laughter everywhere I go with everyone I meet. I do this by making small jokes that I think are funny, trying to get people to see the positive side of things, and smiling at people. By doing these things I really am hoping to make people feel joy, laugh, or even smile as well as live up to my namesake, victory of the people. Sometimes though my name drives me through the wall. The name nick is very common and in some of my classes I have 3-4 kids named Nick so when the teacher says one everyone responds. How common my name is has caused me to try to be different to make people remember me not just by my name but who I am. Thus, making it impossible for other people to affiliate me and confuse me with the other Nicks.

Impactful person

My grandma has a special place in my heart and her food has a special place in my stomach. Every time I see her I am greeted with a great loving hug and many plates full of food. Somehow she always has so much food and all of it is delicious. I could eat her food everyday for the rest of my life and I would be thrilled (and stuffed). When we go over to her house she spends all day creating the perfect 3-5 course meal for us to devour. We always ask for more, take home the leftovers, and leave with a smile on our faces. Going to her house and eating her food is a treat I will always look forward to and enjoy. Her loving and smiling face will always remind me of how much she loves us. When I think of her I think of how she expresses her love for us through the food she makes.


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