GHM Raider News November 2019

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Cross Country

Congrats to both the Junior Varsity Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams for winning the Cullman County meet! Middle school members include: Dylan Butts, Brodie Moore, and Mary Self.

Good Hope Raider Band

This year, the Good Hope Raider Band will pay a tribute to Aretha Franklin who unfortunately died on August 18, 2018. They feature her top hits including Freeway of Love, Think, I Say A Little Prayer, Respect, A Natural Woman, and Nessun Dorma.

Congrats to the Good Hope Raider Band for being awarded Superior ratings in the Categories of Drum Major, Majorette, Featured Majorette, Band, Percussion, and excellent ratings in the Colorguard division! They performed at the Mud Creek Marching Festival at Hanceville High School on October 12, 2019. They competed against 3A marching bands across the state.

The Good Hope Raider Band will be preforming on November 2nd at Deshler High School for the 2019 Coldwater Marching Contest.

Academic Achievements

Congrats to the 2019 Robotics Team for earning the Spirit and Sportsmanship Award at the North Alabama B.E.S.T Regional Competition at Wallace State Community College. The presentation team and the Spirit Team is featured below. These students worked very hard during the 6 week preparation for this competition and we are so very proud of all their hard work and dedication.

Math Teams

Our math teams are doing a phenomenal job so far this year! Congrats to the following teams and individuals: Hanceville Middle School meet- 6th grade team placed 4th and Eric Brand placed 6th place individually. Wallace State Tournament- *6th grade team received 2nd place, and Eric Brand placed 1st, Jacob Pierce placed 7th, and Trey Quick placed 8th individually. *7th grade team earned 4th place, Emma Elliott placed 9th individually. *8th grade math team received 3rd Place, and Lillie McCluskey placed 6th, Dawson Kicker placed 9th individually. The next meet of the season will be on Jan 15th. Keep up the great work!

Honor Roll for 1st 9 weeks

All A Honor Roll:

Allen, Cooper Duane Jerry

Baker, Madison Isabella

Barnett, Desiree Dakota

Barron, Ashley Jasmine

Bell, Ava Rose

Brand, Eric Draven

Buchanan, Paxton Caylub

Burgess, Addyson Paige

Collins, Lexington Lynnlee

Cordes, William Blake

Crawford, William Kelly

Crumpton, Jenna Mackenzie

Doss, Kyra Alexi

Elliott, Emma Paige

Flynt, Avery Deupree

Glover, Carsyn Ryann

Graveman, Bailey Anna

Graves, Cameron Mia

Harper, Bralee Elisabeth

Herring, Emma Grace

Hudson, Hank Corley

Jones, Leanna Pearl

Kicker, Elijah Thomas

Koch, Campbell Brylee

Lambert, Brooklynn Aly

Lemmon, McKenzie Leigh

Mendez, Noah Xavier

Meyers, Mason D

Miller, David Cash

Miller, Natalie Lynn

Moore, Brodie Kyle

Nolen, Maycie-Grace Maria

Patrick, Dalton Wayne

Patterson, Taylor Allen

Peck, Rileigh Breanne

Pierce, Jacob Matthew

Rhodes, Hannah Marie

Schofield, Kai Alexander Nakajo

Shaff, Kaliska Leeann

Steed, Alexandria Elizabeth

Stevens, Cori Melaine

Swann, James-Edward Thomas

Tetro, Bailey Grace

Tetro, Heather Kate

Weissend, Bailee Reece

Williams, Asa Brian

Wix, Mattie Brooke

Wooten, Jonathon Brock

Zapka, Jillian Elise


Abbott, Kloe Raye

Adams, Carley Grace

Adcock, Jasmine Faith

Ahmi, Melo Jane

Alday, Guillermo Landa

Armstrong, Owen Benjamin

Bailey, Emma Grace

Bailey, Jackson Felton

Baker, Avery Janzen Seth

Baldwin, Kaylix Lee

Ballenger, Piper Selene

Baron-Ponce, Ismael

Bell, K'mal Jermaine

Borseth, Jaylee Ann

Bowerman, Gannon Jackson Scott

Brizendine, Josie Abigale

Brock, Chloe Loryn

Bryan, Josie-Grace Elease

Butts, Michael Dylan

Calvert, BellaGrace Cotton

Campbell, Owen Bailey

Chiaranda, Emelia Lynn

Clements, Eden Grace

Cone, Tyler Chase

Cooper, Brayden Jerald

Honor Roll

Cortes, Gisele Stacie

Denney, Kylee Alexis

Dillard, Bryson Kyle

Dillard, Juleyette Mahayla

Driver, Felicity Jill

Edmondson, Deven Joseph

Eisner, Chloe Samantha

English, Karlie Ann

Esparza, Kevin

Fowler, Damian Jason

German, Peyton Wade

Graham, Patricia Faith

Gray, Michael Anthony II

Guadarrama-Tepetate, Jasmin Ashly

Hancock, Weston Lane

Harper, Emily Paige

Hastings, Jasmine Leala

Hays, Shelby Scott

Hibbert, Erin Rae

Holcomb, Brinlee Nakole

Hutchinson, Kerri Anna

Hyde, Mikah Ethan

Jackson, Rachel Grace

Johnson, Molly Anne

Keef, Tucker Ray

Kimbrough, Keirstin Jade

Lay, Haley Jordan

Lee, Kaliana Krimson

Lee, Madison Katheryne

Lemmon, Skylar Renne

Loggins, Seth Hunter

Lynn, McKenna Grace

Marshall, Alexis Cate

Mason, Katie Mya

May, Tyler GFrank

McAfee, Alison Brooke

McAfee, James Tucker

McClendon, Eastyn Brody

McCluskey, Lillie Anne

McDonald, McKenzie Blake

McGee, Chloe Lynn

McGraw, Ethan Chase

Millwood, Joseph Austin

Mitchell, Debra Marie

Murphree, Cannin James

Naramore, Carter Wade

Nichols, Christopher Eugene

Nisley, Roland Timothy

Norris, Maryanna Faye

O'Neil, Kenzie Grace

Overton, Dakota Lynn

Page, Noah James

Parker, Emma Grace

Parker, Madison Rae

Patterson, Kaitlin Grace

Pemberton, Anna Grace Martinez

Perez, Patricia Yorelee

Piper, Gracie Marie

Pitts, Jacob Rylan

Posey, Korbin Malachi

Putman, Christopher Eason

Quick, Trey Edward

Ray, Breeanna Nicole

Reese, Kenzie Lynn

Reynolds, Harley Mae

Rusk, Jonas Isaiah

Schwaiger, Chloe Aaonna

Scott, Natalie Brooke

Sears, Connor Blaine

Smith, Jathan Lance

Smith, Kadi Rene

Smith, Mackinzey Elizabeth

Smith, Waylon Allen James

Smith, Zebulon Eugene

Stricklin, Ace Barton

Stripling, Brady

Swann, Andru Allen

Thompson, Brylee Reigh

Trammell, Trenton Luke

Tucker, Cheza Bailey

Turner, Camdyn Isaiah Devone

Vincent, Whitlie Nichole

Wade, Emma Leigh

Watson, Cadence Comellia

Whatley, Caselyn Ann

Whatley, Colten Williams

Whatley, Paislei Airianna

White, Kailey Marie

White, Katelyn Rebecca

Williams, Annie Beth

Williams, Dylan Grant

Williams, Katelyn Elizabeth

Witcher, Brodey Chandler

Wleklinski, Zoah Christine Leeann

Worrall, Samaira Najayln

Woznicki, Sidney Reyenne

Wright, Alexis Grace

Wright, Jacob Oneal

Wright, Tyler Christopher

Young, Emilie Elizabeth

Positive Referrals

These students have received a positive office referral for their Positive Behavior. They have been recognized for using self-control, hard work, a positive attitude, showing responsibility, using teamwork, or showing honesty.
Pictured above from top (left to right): Debra Mitchell, Brady Stripling, Hannah Rhodes, Ismael Barron, Jaci Clements, Kevin Esparza, Mason Saint, Trucker Shikle, Zoe Marks, Aleana Brantley, Aiden Christopher


Middle School Basketball

The middle school basketball season has just began and is off to a great start! Come out and support our Middle School Basketball Teams (see schedule below).
Book Fair will be in the library November 4-7.
Bring $1 to participate on November 8th
School will be out November 11th in honor of Veteran's Day
School will be out November 25-29 for Thanksgiving Break
Free flu shots are scheduled for this Monday November 4th.
Every morning we film news that relates to school happenings, clubs, sports, menus, weather, digital citizenship, and character education. Our on-air hosts are: Monday - Zeb Smith and Rileigh Peck; Tuesday - Barry Nixon and Ace Taylor; Wednesday - Andru Swann and Savanna Gentry; Thursday - Mahala Denson and Campbell Koch; Friday - Cheza Tucker and Destiny Siegel. Our editors are Branson Neighbors and Andru Swann. By going to the link attached below, you can watch any current or previous news show. (Keep in mind that we film one day in advance.) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_xl9PT5hOh0yPZDNjGaOcw/videos


Meet Karleigh Garrett

Hello, my name is Karleigh Garrett. I have been in banking for over 5 years and got the wonderful opportunity to be the Bookkeeper for GHM and GHE, so here I am! I have a sassy 3 year old daughter (Aleigha) who keeps me on my toes. I grew up in Holly Pond and live on a farm out there! In my spare time I enjoy spending it with family, friends and being outdoors.

Meet Jeanie Rhodes

Hi! My name is Jeanie Rhodes. I'm super excited about being Good Hope Middle School's secretary. I have been a substitute teacher at the Good Hope campuses for the past 8 years and have been involved in the PTO. I have assisted the Good Hope Archery teams for the past 4 years. I have been married for 17 years and have 2 wonderful children who attend Good Hope Schools. I enjoy spending time with my family and drawing. I am very blessed to be part of the Good Hope Middle School family.


Open House/Student Showcase October 22nd

Students did a wonderful job presenting to parents/guardians during the first Open House Student Showcase. Parents/guardians were able to experience a "day in the life" of their middle school students. Family members were able to spend a short time in each class that their student's attend throughout the day. It was a well attended and much-enjoyed event by both students and their families.

Student/Hero Ice Cream Social October 16th

A big thanks to our B4 High group and the many volunteers for providing the students an opportunity to invite a "hero" in their life to an Ice Cream Social. Thank you to all of the heroes in our students lives that were able to attend and even if you were not able to attend, we still thank you for the positive influence you have in our students lives each and everyday. They need you more than you know!

Individual Chromebooks come to GHM!

Through the Cullman County Board of Education, we are a trial school for a program titled "Enpower" which allows students in the 8th grade to receive an individual chromebook assigned to them. The chromebooks are a great benefit to all students, but especially to those who may not have access to a computer and/or internet at home. For those who do not have a reliable, stable, or presence of an internet connection, the program also provides a 2 gigabyte mobile hotspot for use with the chromebook while students are away from school. The program has just began in Cullman County and we look forward to the positive effects we will see from it.
This month's newsletter was produced and edited by 8th grade student, Sam Cregan.
Created By
Kellie Hyatt


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