CEBT Fall Newsletter 2020

Table of Contents

  • Notes from the Chairman
  • Meet Board Member: Brian Lessman
  • Vendor COVID Updates
  • New! Triad EAP
  • CEBT Health & Wellness Centers
  • IT Updates
  • Benefit Updates
  • FYI

Notes from CEBT Chairman

“May you live in interesting times” is an old expression that applies to our current COVID-19 pandemic. Things have been interesting. Schools were closed, businesses had to change the way they conducted business and others had to close. Normally, the CEBT Summer conference is held over several days in a face-to-face environment. In what they now call the new normal – all of the sessions were held virtually, which I am sure many of you are experiencing the same thing.

One of the newer programs that CEBT has launched and reviewed is the Triad Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Triad provides counseling and assistance to employees and their family members. Talk to your benefit administrator if you have any questions about the new EAP.

One major Board action item during the July meeting is to approve the rate renewals for groups renewing January, 2021. Overall, the rate renewal for the Trust is 4.7%. By policy, the individual employer group rates are tiered in seven categories based upon a group’s adjusted loss ratio. This year’s January renewal tiers range from 3% up to a maximum of 14% for individual employer groups.

CEBT continues to grow and has gained 19 new employer groups this year, representing 987 eligible employees, while losing only two groups, representing 130 eligible employees. This leaves the Trust with a total of 385 employer groups and approximately 20k eligible employees.

Another major action by your Board was to review the overall financial health of the Trust. As you can imagine, lower claims activity from the COVID pandemic this spring resulted in lower claims cost, creating a revenue surplus. Based upon that increase in extra surplus, the Board is moving forward with a process to return some of those reserves back to employer groups.

As you would expect, CEBT’s Teladoc program saw a spike in activity in March, then trending downward after that. The Health Centers saw a reduction in appointments in March through May, while Surgery Plus utilization was reduced as the elective surgeries were cancelled.

The Board reviewed medical delivery costs for your plans, which included: UMR, Surgery Plus, Kaiser, and Marathon Health and part of its due diligence to provide effective and efficient services, the Board has approved to conduct an audit of additional available networks in Colorado.

We are in the customer service business. Let us know how we are doing. We want to hear from you.

Finally, stay healthy!

~Ed Vandertook~

Meet Board Member

Brian Lessman

Serving in Colorado K-12 public education for 33 years, Brian was first appointed to the CEBT Board in 2000 while working as the Superintendent for Weld Re-4. After retiring from public education he was active in post-secondary education as Director of Field Studies for Colorado Christian University, College of Adult and Graduate Studies for 10 years.

Among his years in education, Brian has served in a variety of leadership roles, appointed to a diverse group of non-profit boards including the Colorado Association of School Executives, CSU Dean of Education Advisory Board, Northern Colorado Superintendent’s Association, Weld County Human Services Advisory Board, Windsor Community Foundation, Windsor Kiwanis and Board of Directors for both Bethel Lutheran and Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Brian is now fully retired, focusing on his grand kids and volunteering with others in his faith-based community. He continues to serve on the CEBT Board and is committed to the long tradition of excellence that CEBT maintains as a leader in health care benefits for qualifying governmental entities. Brian is grateful for the relationship CEBT has with its 33,000 members and gives thanks for the positive and professional leadership of the Willis Towers Watson team, the many vendors who partner with CEBT, and for the continued trust of over 380 employers as we move forward together to serve the mission of CEBT to provide quality health benefits at a competitive cost and with superior service.

Vendor COVID Updates

We wanted to share with you what a few of the vendors are doing to continue to support members and providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CVS Caremark: Because the CDC recommends staying at home to help prevent exposure, CVS Caremark wants to remind you that you can have 90-day supplies of maintenance medications delivered to your home by mail with no delivery fees and save money. To learn more about what CVS Caremark is doing to support you, click here.

UMR is working to ensure they are available to support members during this time. If you log in to your UMR account, you can access helpful information about how you can best cope with COVID-19 and frequently asked questions. If you have health benefit questions as it pertains to COVID-19, you can call the phone number on the back of your UMR ID Card.

Teladoc has been available and working hard throughout the pandemic to provide care and guidance where needed. In relation to COVID-19, they are encouraging members to call if they need to get information or insight. They have also posted lots of helpful resources on their website including the latest COVID-19 testing information, doctor-recommended tips to stay well in public, and what to do if you think you have Coronavirus. They have facts, FAQs, and helpful tips for using their service. Visit this link if you’d like to learn more.

Kaiser has been taking multiple steps and temporary measures to ensure members can get care safely during these times. They have expanded telehealth and virtual care to allow members to stay home if they feel more comfortable and to increase the number of patients they can treat. They also have a page on their website dedicated to wellness resources which consists of different self-care tools, tips and activities and resources specifically related to COVID-19 and how you can get support online from other mental health organizations. To find out more about what Kaiser is doing surrounding COVID-19, medical office closures and consolidations, and how to get care or medical advice- please click here.

Delta Dental of Colorado and Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation committed $30 million to community, customer, and provider relief efforts around COVID-19. Specifically, as it relates to CEBT, Delta Dental of CO offered a one-time admin fee credit for April as part of their COVID-19 response to support clients during the pandemic. In addition to supporting clients and members, they also provided much needed support to the provider community. $50,000 was put aside for Delta Dental team members and employees that were impacted by COVID-19. They invested money into PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure that providers and members remain safe and to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread while still being able to see members. Finally, they put $1.5 million towards nonprofit organizations that are addressing basic needs during COVID as well as $2 million into a community relief fund through foundation to help with community response and being able to address areas that are at the greatest need due to COVID.

Triad EAP: EAP Tool-kit: A COVID-19 resource guide is available on the triadeap.com homepage to help everyone cope during the pandemic. You will find articles, handouts and links to resources on coping with grief, anxiety, or stress and industry-specific information for educators, emergency responders and more. Triad EAP is here for you during this unprecedented time.

Mindset and Resilience Webinars

Join Triad for one of their Mindset and Resilience webinars which will address how dealing with the current global situation while also dealing with the high demands of work and home may require new coping skills. Cultivate the ability to recover and adjust to life’s pressures. Select the date and time that works best for your schedule to reserve your spot in this webinar which will air on zoom

Back to School 2020

Going back to school always presents various issues for teachers, school administrators, parents and students. This year, those issues have not only been magnified, but eclipsed by safety issues as well as divided political ideologies.

What does this mean for our mental health? We are taking a stressful situation and compounding it.

Back to school 2020 is a difficult time for everyone. School staff are worried about the logistics of how to teach students safely. Parents are faced with the difficult decision of sending children back to school, homeschooling or doing a hybrid of the two. Children may be picking up on the general anxiety presenting by the pandemic as well as traditional school issues such as friends, schoolwork, experiencing new teachers and performance anxiety.

This is where Triad Employee Assistance Program can help. Triad’s benefits are for everyone: the employee, spouse or domestic partner and children 26 and under. Counselors are available to help work through the myriad of issues people are facing: uncertainty, fear, anxiety, depression, anger and grief just to name a few. Speaking with a mental health professional can help you unravel these complex emotions, which allows the emotions to lessen their grip. Counselors can also teach coping skills to help build resiliency as we move forward.

Don’t let the uncertainty and fear of this time overwhelm you. Call Triad EAP to access your free, confidential mental health sessions to empower yourself.

Employees, the spouse or domestic partner and children 26 and under receive six mental health sessions per year, per issue. Legal and financial counseling are also available. To get set up with your benefits, call Triad EAP at 877-679-1100 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Crisis counseling is available at the same number 24/7.

CEBT Health & Wellness Centers

CEBT Members continue to thrive during these pandemic times by reaping the rewards of better overall health. Tom was featured in the Healthy Like Me stories on the Marathon Health website for the month of May. Read Tom's inspiring story below.

During my first visit to the CEBT Health & Wellness Center at Loveland to treat pink eye, Meagan Johnston, FNP, noted my high blood pressure and recommended I schedule a visit to discuss the issue. My primary physician had previously mentioned my blood pressure was high but made no suggestion to address it. I was ready to learn what I needed to do when Meagan offered to help me take action.

This is where my story became our story. At the center, I was met by a genuine, caring team with just the right mix of knowledge, experience, and compassion. Their approach was holistic. They shared that positive changes to nutrition, exercise, habits, and lifestyle choices would benefit my health.

So far, I have lost almost 20 pounds, and I’m working toward losing 30 more pounds. My muscle tone and cardio health have improved from a regimen of machine exercise, swimming, and bicycling. I also joined the center’s first yoga class. Perhaps my greatest area of health improvement is my positive attitude toward these challenges, which I attribute to Meagan’s upbeat outlook. I know I would not have started this journey if she had just treated my issues with medication and sent me on my way.

As a school staff member, access to the CEBT Health & Wellness Centers is free, but having a team of clinicians who care about you as an individual is priceless. I wouldn’t be on this journey in such a positive mindset if it wasn’t for the team at the Loveland center.

If you have a success story you would like to share about an experience at one of the CEBT Health & Wellness Centers, submit your story here for a chance at a $250 reward. Marathon Health chooses only 10 stories a month to publish. Be proud of your success and help others achieve their goals too.

If you are eligible for one of the health centers, and haven't had a chance to get in for an appointment due to travel or time conflicts, video appointments are now available through the Marathon Health Portal. You can register here to schedule appointments, send messages to providers, complete your health questionnaires, and track your health status and results.

CEBT cares about your health and wellness and wants to make sure you get the the most out of your healthcare while reducing costs to take care yourself. We are excited to hear about your success story.

Join the CEBT Health Centers for Mindfulness Mondays!

Practicing mindfulness is gaining more and more popularity as numerous physical and psychological benefits of mindfulness techniques are becoming known. Join us for these interactive, introductory sessions where we will discuss the benefits of mindfulness and practice various activities!

Asthma, allergies, or related symptoms?

Tiny particles in the air from wildfires can irritate your eyes, nose, lungs, and throat. These smoke particles can blow many miles away to impact people that aren’t in the immediate area of the fire. Have you found that your asthma or allergy symptoms are particularly bad right now? The team from your CEBT Health & Wellness Center is here to meet with you over the phone or video to help you find relief.

  • Glenwood Springs: 1901 Grand Avenue, Suite 200 | 970-440-8087
  • Rifle: 707 Wapiti Avenue, Suite 201-A | 970-440-8085
  • Gypsum: 35 Lindbergh Drive, Suite 110 | 970-431-2871
  • Loveland: 2889 N. Garfield Avenue | 970-744-2866
  • Greeley: 4675 W. 20th Street Road, Unit B | 970-373-4625
  • Widefield: 930 Leta Drive | 719-551-5808

IT Updates

CEBT is currently working to improve the look and feel of it's website. Make sure to visit www.cebt.org in the next couple weeks. You will notice a more colorful and fresh appearance to the home page, with updates to navigation to make finding the information you need much easier. An exciting change to this new version of the website is that each vendor partner will now have their own own dedicated page. These vendor pages were created to make it easier to navigate and find information pertaining to each partner. Each page will contain important things such as forms, links, contact information, and more. The updated website is a great resource for you to find everything you need as it pertains to your benefits. Check out CEBT's website in the next couple weeks to see how you like it!

CEBT Benefits Info & Updates

CEBT is always looking ahead to make sure that employer groups and members have cost effective benefit choices that are competitive and current in the market. As January renewals and open enrollments approach, it is a good time for benefit reminders, as well as information on new benefit options that will be available January 1st.

At CEBT's summer meeting, the Board voted to allow telehealth services through Teladoc and CEBT Health & Wellness Centers at 100% on the High Deductible Health Plans, waiving the $45 deductible fee that is payable on these services.

Keep in mind this change is applicable to the use of Teladoc and the CEBT Health & Wellness centers only. If you are receiving telehealth services for a normal office visit, the benefits would apply as they normally do and any applicable deductible or copay will still apply for that visit.

Don't forget about some perks to your dental coverage that will help your annual benefit allowance to go further.

With the implementation of the PREVENTION FIRST program, your diagnostic and preventive visits will not count against your annual maximum. This helps your benefits go further by extending your annual maximum dollars.

RIGHT START 4 KIDS (RS4K) is a unique plan design enhancement that removes most of the cost barriers to dental care by providing coverage for children up to their 13th birthday at 100% coinsurance for diagnostic & preventive, basic, and major services, with no deductible, when in-network providers are seen.* If an out-of-network provider is seen, the adult coinsurance levels will apply.

RIP Chadwick Boseman 8/28/2020

On August 28th we lost the beloved American actor Chadwick Boseman. He died at age 43 after a four year battle with colon cancer. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosis each year in the United States in both men and women. While it mainly affects older adults, there is a rising incidence in younger people. When this cancer is found early, it can often be cured. This is why it is extremely important to make sure to keep up on your preventative benefits, including colonoscopies. On January 1, 2020 CEBT removed the age limit for routine/preventative colonoscopies on all plans. In the past, screening colonoscopies were not covered until you hit age 50. Now, there is now no age limit or restriction on when you can have one done and it is covered 100%. Staying up to date on your preventative benefits can help to catch things early and potentially reduce the risk of future medical complications.


CEBT Mobile App!

This free app (available on iOS and Android) will help you have your benefits at your fingertips, giving access to necessary plan info at the doctors office and/or the pharmacy.

The CEBT app contains your medical, dental and vision ID card information and also gives the option to order a new card if you've lost or misplaced your card, or if you need an extra set for dependents.

Here's how to request a new ID card. Start by clicking on “Manage Case” on the home page.

Then click on the "plus sign" in the top right corner to create an ID card order case.

Fill in the subject line with the type of ID card you would like to order and then in the Description please indicate how many cards you would like to order. This case will be sent to CEBT's plan administrator, Willis Towers Watson, to place the ID card request order. You will receive your new ID card within 7-10 business days.

How Double Coverage Works

So you and your spouse both have health coverage and want to cover the kids to get double the benefits. Sounds great, right? This is a very common situation that creates a lot of questions and confusion. While having access to two plans can benefit you and your family- be careful as it doesn't necessarily "double your coverage".

When an insured is eligible for coordination of benefits under two health plans, the process of coordinating these benefits requires both plans to compare benefits before processing a claim. First, we need to know which plan is primary, meaning which plan should process the claim first. This is determined by the "birthday rule". The primary policy will fall under the insured with the earliest birth month in the year. For example, if your birthday is in May and your spouse's is in January, your spouse will be primary and the claim will be processed by that plan first.

Health plan providers (such as UMR) use a system that ensures each plan pays their fair share. The primary plan will process the claim under the terms of that plan without consideration of any secondary coverage. The secondary plan will consider the benefits and allowable amounts (dollars payable after the network negotiated discounts have been applied). The remaining costs will then be considered for payment under the secondary plan.

CEBT uses the Standard/Normal coordination of benefits option which allows up to 100% coverage between the primary and secondary plans. This means UMR will use whichever plan's discount is greater.

Having double coverage can be a good thing, stretching your benefits further to get the most out of your money. It is best to educate yourself on the plans and how each will coordinate to make sure that you're getting the most out of paying for two health plans. If you have questions or want to know about benefits for a certain procedure or visit, you can find the full plan document on the website at https://www.cebt.org/resources/benefit-booklets

CEBT Wants to Hear From You

"Providing quality health benefit options at a competitive cost with superior service."

CEBT always strives to provide the best service for its members. Knowing what works great or how to improve helps to grow the relationships that are built through our partnerships. Feedback is always welcomed at CEBT.

If you have suggestions for topics or stories that you would like to see in these newsletters, please email Stacy Vogel on the CEBT Communications Team at stacy.vogel@willistowerswatson.com to get your ideas published.

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