Immigration By Abdiel ontiveros

My topic is about how people that don’t belong here are doing with all the immigration. This is affecting me because my friends and family don’t go out and eat with us anymore because they are scared of being deported.

Before 1965, immigrants coming to American shores had been primarily European. People that weren’t European experienced having to leave the United States and not be able to come back if they were caught. This issue is still affecting the world like right now Donald Trump is getting all of the Mexican immigrants back to mexico that don’t have papers.

I predict that in 50 years from now any type of person will be able to be here without any danger of someone trying to get them out of the state. The new civilization will not make immigrants go back from where they came. The reason I think this is what will happen to the world is because if Martin Luther King JR was able to change the world what proof do they have that we can’t change it like he did.

One vital person that is important to my movement is my friend that is an immigrant. He is really important to my movement because he goes to all of the protests. He says “ they will take us out even do we have not done any bad to this state.”

What I will do is to get as many people as possible to protest not to go to the store or to work until they stop getting immigrants out of the state every day nonstop it won’t matter if we are like this for years it will all be worth it.

Created By
Abdiel Ontiveros Juarez


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