By Georgiana and Stefan Antohi

Inspired by the amazing story of Coral Castle, we begin our own Love building, Creativity inspiring, Paradigm-shifting journey!

Here we are, the lovely newly weds, inside Palm Beach City Hall, !

So happy and grateful for this amazing and magical new chapter in our lives!My dearest Georgiana, the most succinct way I can describe how wonderful you make me feel is to simply say that you are my Queen Bee and I adore you infinitely! Every day I wake up beside you, I feel ready to spread my wings and take flight alongside you. Obstacles in our path merely become opportunities to strengthen our wings and improve our flight together!

At The Breakers Hotel, West Palm Beach

On a Gondola tour of Fort Lauderdale... an awesome way to enjoy a romantic sunset in South Florida!

Tune in for many more beautiful moments and spectacular scenes to come!


Georgiana and Stefan Antohi

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