Griots By Will Strutton

What Is A Griot?

There's really no one word to describe a Griot in the English Language

To be most accurate, a Griot is a poet musician who gives oral performances as a form of entertainment, and they have been around since the Thirteenth century.

What Would A Griot Performing Entail?

Fun Fact: A woman Griot is called a Griotess
  • A Griot, sometimes with a group of other Griots or musicians would be at the center of attention
  • They would be playing a variety of traditional instruments, such as the Kora, a harp-like string instrument
  • These instruments would usually be made of the traditional materials, such as wood and animal hide
  • At least one Griot would sing, recite poems, or tell stories
But that's not all a Griot would do. Reciting tales in performances was only part of the job of being a Griot. Other jobs would include being diplomats, advisers, composers, and interpreters.

What do griots mean to the African Culture?

Griots mean a great deal to the African Culture. This is because each Griot is like a living representation of the culture itself. A Griot does the job of a historian, a musician, a storyteller, and a diplomat, all in one. Really,

griots are part of the African Culture because they are crucial to keeping it alive.

-It has been said that some griots can speak for days on end
-Some Griots could recite the ancestry of every villager in their town going back for hundreds of years
This Griot, named Youssa D'Nour, was called "the most famous" musician of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

This is an example of a performance done by modern day griots

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