Energy, a Radical New Idea! a basic white boy summary of the study of energy

Energy -Energy is the ability to create forces and cause motion. An object with energy can create forces by hitting another object and causing it to move, for instance.
Potential Energy (Ep) Potential energy is energy of position due to gravity. An object must have height (be above the ground) to have potential energy, but the object must be dropped to release the potential energy. Something above the ground has energy because when released it will cause motion: it will fall thru the air. Also, after falling it could hit another object, exerting a force and causing the other object to move.
Kinetic Energy (Ek) Kinetic energy is energy of motion. An object must be moving to have kinetic energy. A moving object has energy because it can exert a force on something it hits, causing the other object to move.


Thermodynamics: convection transfers heat through moving currents in fluids gasses or liquids Convection cannot occur in solids, because solids cant move. Radiation transfers heat through electromagnetic radiation and requires no molecular contact. Radiation can occur even in a vacuum.

Types of Energy-

There are many times of energy. All of them can create forces and motion. Often there are multiple types of energy present. Energy can be converted from one type to another. A few types are radiant energy, mechanical energy, and nuclear energy.

Law of coservation of energy: Ebefor = Eafter

"Energy is never created nor destroyed, just transformed into other forms of energy"
Conservation of engery means that all the energy is saved/retained. All the energy before an energy transformation must equal all of the energy afterwards.
Energy transfers: Work and Power. Work is energy transferred by forces. any force that changes an object's energy is doing work. Work is energy. Sometimes you don't know the work done but you know the result of the work. the work done = the change of energy. Power is how fast you do work or transfer energy. If you work faster, you use more power


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