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Quality of Life

Quality of life in a country is often gauged by the general health or happiness of people.

The 3 countries I have picked are France(Europe, HDI 22), Bulgaria(Europe, HDI 59), and Nigeria(Africa, HDI 152). I am exploring quality of life in these 3 countries, by looking at statistical data and putting it all together.


France's quality of life is really good, they have a great health care system, largely financed by the government and has a 82.57(years) life expectancy and a 9.3/1000 death rate. France has a great education system, with a 99% literacy rate and a average household income of $29756(USD) and a 2.807 Trillion USD GDP.


Bulgaria's quality of life is good, they have a good health care system, Bulgaria’s 2016 healthcare budget is estimated at 4.2 percent of GDP or USD 1.98 billion, considerably lower than the healthcare budgets of major Western European countries. They have a life expectancy of 74.32(Years), and a death rate of 14.4/1000. Bulgaria has a good education system, with a 98.4% literacy rate and a 14400(USD) average household income, and a 54.48 Billion USD GDP.


Nigeria has a very poor quality of life, poverty has risen in Nigeria, with almost 100 million people leaving with less than 1$ a day, despite economic growth, statistics have shown that 60% of Nigerians lived in poverty in 2010. Nigeria has a very poor health care system, with a life expectancy of 52.11(Years) and the under 5 mortality rate, per 1,000 births is 143. Nigeria's education system is poor, with a literacy rate of 59.6% and average salary of 3596(USD) for the middle class of Nigeria.


I believe that WHO (Wolrd Health Organization) would be great help for Nigeria, what Nigeria needs to improve their quality of life is to improve their health care system, WHO does their best to assist countries in need of health care and I think they could be what Nigeria needs to improve the happiness in their country and a greater place on the HDI scale.

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