Nature Activity at FLMNH Katarina kourgelis

Nature On Display: The butterfly sanctuary very much appealed to me. It captured my attention because of the idea that we could actually be inside with the animals; no barriers between us. I understood more about the natural world after seeing this exhibit. I saw how beautiful it can be. I saw fruit around, such as bananas and oranges, which the butterflies gravitated towards. I never knew that this was something butterflies ate, so i researched it after. I learned that they like the juice. This was definitely the most memorable and fun part of the museum.

Nature and Ethics: This part of the museum instilled me with an ethical responsibility to nature. It showed how much humans are affecting nature, and what we can do to stop this. To some extend, it is inevitable, but this exhibit inspired me to be more conscious of how my actions affect a greater cause. The majority of what I read on these walls were about water and climate change, climate change scaring me the most. Even just starting a carpool instead of driving separate can be an ordinary task that can help the environment and save nature.

Nature and The Human Spirit: The frog exhibit helped me appreciate the mystery and majesty of nature. Looking in the cases, It was honestly difficult to find the frog sometimes. It is really cool how they can camouflage into their surroundings. Being able to camouflage shows mystery and majesty in nature because it makes me realize that I probably miss a lot about nature at first glance. Say I am just hiking in the woods (which is a common daily activity where I am from) i don't actually look deeply and see all that nature has. Next time, I will stop and look and I am sure I will find interesting and new things in nature that I haven't seen before.

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