Martin Van Buren Keaton CApshaw

Early Life

Martin Van Buren was born in the year 1782 on December 5th. His family were fifth generation decedents of dutch immigrants. He was born Kinderhook, New York. He had five siblings. His parents Abraham and Maria were dutch immigrants and modest means. His father was a farmer who also ran a tavern, which quite frequently was a meeting place for political purposes this is where Martin was first introduced into politics.


Martin Van Buren's education was in a one room school house. He went to Claverack school. He was a undergraduate.


Martin Van Buren Was a lawyer before his presidency.Van Buren quickly made a name for himself in New York politics. The Federalist Party enjoyed dominance in the Hudson Valley region but Van Buren joined the Democratic-Republicans.largely, it seems, because his father and his family's friends were Jeffersonians. Van Buren's political party affiliation alienated many friends and colleagues.


Martin Van Burens presidency lasted one term. Its dated in 1837-1841. Van Buren, the first President to be born under the American flag, was known as a capable administrator. He spent most of his Presidency dealing with the problems left over from the Jackson Presidency.

The primary problem was the economic recession that struck soon after he entered office. Van Buren opposed any attempts at government intervention. He was committed to keeping the United States solvent, thus he cut back federal spending. Van Buren also had to face problems in the North and in the South. In the North, an insurrection in Canada almost led the United States in to hostilities. Van Buren successfully avoided war, proclaiming American neutrality.

Martin Van Buren was the 8th president of the united states


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