Christianity by: Kylie mooney & Joey durkin

The Founder or Main prophet of Christianity is Jesus Christ. The religion was founded in Judea, which is modern day Jerusalem. This religion is monotheistic and connects to Islam and Judaism. They all connect by them all being Abrahamic Religions. An Abrahamic Religion is a religion in which the people believe that the Hebrew Patriarch, Abraham and his descendants hold an important role in human spiritual development. They all follow somewhat of the same story they just believe in different prophets.
The place of worship for this religion is a church. The holy book for this religion is The Holy Bible. The Holy Bible holds the 2 stories of Christianity, The Old Testament and The New Testament. Their religious leader is the Pope, the Pope today is Pope Francis. Another religious leader in Christianity is a Priest. The Priest is in charge of leading worship at the church.
There are 3 main sects (branches) of Christianity. The 3 main branches are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. These 3 branches split off and make the various branches you see above. The Catholic Branch splits into The Roman and 23 other churches in union with Rome. Orthodox splits into Eastern and Oriental, and the Protestant Branch relates to Anglican which is the middle of Catholic and Protestant.
Some of the holidays of the Christianity are Christmas, Easter, Lent, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and All Saints Day. Christmas is a Christian Holiday because that's the day The leader Jesus Christ was born. Easter is a holiday because that's when Jesus resurrected from death. Ash Wednesday is a holiday because it's the first day of Lent and it's a day of fasting.



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