Christmas Songs You've Never Heard by Peggy Alexander

'Tis the Season to drink egg nog, decorate the tree, and sing our favorite Christmas songs. UCLA Library Special Collections Sheet Music Collection has all of your favorites, but have you heard these other songs that for some reason aren’t being played on the radio? Songs like, The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot, c. 1937, about an orphan boy who doesn’t get any Christmas presents? Or, Ding a Ling the Christmas Bell about a broken bell that ends up ringing loudly so Santa can find the town in a terrible snow storm?And don’t forget, Ma! My Toys Are Broken, c. 1951, about a fun-loving dad who breaks all of his kid’s presents when playing with them himself! Check them out and find a new favorite of your own!

Composers Frank Kells, Al Arland, Al Vann, c. 1956
Composers Joan Javits, Phil Springer, c. 1954
Composer John Rox, c. 1953
Composers Bonnie Boyd, Michael Dunn, c. 1947
Composers Jerry Foster, Bill Rice, c. 1970
Composers Tommie Connor, Frank Stanton, c. 1956
Composers Harry Rose, Fred Barovick, c. 1954
Composers Robert Allen, Tommie Connier, Al Stillman, c. 1954
Composer Harry Woods, c. 1931
Composers Tommy Connor, Jimmy Leach, Michael Carr, c. 1937
Composer Adrian Jacobs, c. 1951


Created with images by Kwinten De Pauw - "untitled image"; images of Sheet Music Music from UCLA Library Special Collections Sheet Music Collection

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