La musica latina William Omar LandrĂ³n Rivera

Artist name: William Rivera stage name is Don Omar.

Early Childhood: Don Omar was born February 10, 1978 in puerto rico. Since a early age he showed interest in music.

College/music school:Don Omar was invited to participate in a program against School Desertion. Despit never finishing high school himself.

Bumps along the road: Don Omar did not really have problems with becoming a great music artists because one of his first songs was a big hit.

Genre of music: Don Omar's music mixed between reggaeton and pop.

Biggest album: The Last Don, which peaked at No. 2 on the chart and has sold 411,000 units to date.

List of albums: He's top three albums are The las Don, King of Kings, and Meet the Orphans

List of popular songs: He's top 4 song are Te Quiero Pa'Mi, Danza Kuduro, Bandoleros, and Taboo.

Honors and Awards: He has won 2 grammy's for the best urban song and multiple latin song of the year.

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