Canary In A Coal Mine Alex cardwell

Carbon Monoxide is present in the pockets because as coal is made, carbon monoxide is created.
Carbon monoxide is found in car exhaust fumes
Carbon Monoxide can kill many plants and animals, reducing the resources we have.
As we start are cars or walk around running cars, we come in contact with carbon monoxide
Furnaces, Ovens, Water heaters, and many other household items give out carbon monoxide
Headache, Dizziness, Vomiting, Nausea, Passing Out, Increase Risk of Heart Disease, and High Chance of Death
I would protect my family by keeping my garage door open while running my car and keeping them away from gas furnaces or grills while they're in use.
The most startling thing to me is that Carbon Monoxide is so deadly, yet you can't even see or smell it. So by the time it hits you, it's to late to do anything about it.


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