The Creation of the Holy Roman Empire By brooke turner


First king to be christian

Joined forces with a friend and ruled both west and east sides of Rimb river


became Frankish king Dec. 25, 800

Knows as Charles the Great, King Charles I, and Father of Europe

Pepin the Short

King made Carolingian Empire

Was God's chosen one to his subjects


Created with images by bopennings - "italy romans sicilie" • Accretion Disc - "Klutina River" • PJS - "charles the great statue fig" • mechanicalcurator - "Image taken from page 535 of 'The Perlustration of Great Yarmouth, with Gorleston and Southtown'" • peter67 - "emperor charles the great hamburg" • sybarite48 - "Saint-Marcel (Indre)." • sybarite48 - "Montpoupon (Indre-et-Loire)" • ell brown - "Saint Trophime Church - Place de la Republique, Arles - The Last Judgement"

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