Momentum Journey Log 3

Is the Xbox one worth the price?


Considering I was sick and unable to make it to class last Thursday I have no idea what we talked about in class so I decided to join the age old argument of what is the superior console, Xbox One or PS4. You might be wondering how this relates to any 8 habits of mind theme but I think flexibility is perfect for this discussion since it is in the creators of these consoles(Microsoft and Sony) best interests to adapt to consumers wants and needs in order to provide the best gaming experience possible.

To compare these two I will be pitting them head to head per category. The categories a few of the topics I am going to leave to open discussion are price, controller style, graphics and game options. Now to avoid personal bias since I own an Xbox one and not a PS4 I am going to write this entire Journey Log based off a collection of reviews I find on the internet for each. First the lets tackle price. When the Xbox one was released one of the biggest quells with it versus the PS4 was the $100 price difference. This accounts for the xbox ones Terabyte of data it can hold versus the PS4's 500 gigabytes as Well as a more expensive production process, however most consumers are not heavily invested gamers and do not simply need all that space. This could be one reason attributed to why Sony sold 20 million more units than Microsoft of the bat, trumping prior xbox vs playstation initial sales. This was a 40 percent decrease than Microsofts usual consoles initial release sales. Price is definitely an important factor to consider when buying a console but you can not consider that without comparing the graphics first. For this I looked on line to game comparisons and will use the Metal Gear Solid 5 comparison. In this graphics test there's slightly more clarity to the PS4 version. Specifically, distant textures and moving objects appear softer among the otherwise identical Xbox One visuals. Recent trends are showing that some of the newer PS4 games are achieving a 1080p resolution at 30 or 60 frames per second when their Xbox One counterparts run at 720p or 900p at 30 or 60fps. When a similar test was run using battlefield the results were the same with PS4 digitally being quicker and clearer in most cases. Next I will examine the feel of both consoles controllers. Both controllers have had to be adjusted and update through out time but the xbox has gone through more manual changes than Playstation. If you look at the xbox controller over time it has come from a clunky, barely hand held piece of equipment to an easy to grip controller that is shaped after the way your hand is naturally resting when holding something. For something that seems so trivial when you look at graphics and price and other aspects personal comfortableness is important for you own personal experience and it seems that this battle is definitely given to Xbox. However the PS4 analog sticks are said to be easier to move with the texture on it a better feel. Lastly and most importantly I would like to touch on the gaming opportunities each offers that the other does not. This one is tricky because there is no right or wrong answer. If you are more of a sports gamer Xbox offers some great EA sports insider games and releases that come out early on Xbox. Also if your into the racing game Forza 5 it is solely on xbox and a popular game as Well as the dead rising series where the 4th installment is set to release soon. Or if more first player games are your style such as God of War III, The last Guardian, or Uncharted you should stick to a PS4 where these games are solely for playstation. Whatever your gaming style is choose wisely and think hard before this difficult decision. But as long as we can agree to COD: Infinite Warfare is the shittiest excuse for a Call of Duty game of all time than which ever one you choose is fine with me.



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