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John Cabot

John Cabot was born in 1450 in Italy. In 1474, he married a woman named Mattea, and they had three sons.

Cabot became a Venetian citizen in 1476. He then started trading in the Eastern Mediterranean. He left Venice in 1488 and moved to Spain.

Cabot was inspired to explore by Christopher Columbus. In 1495, he moved to England to seek money for an Atlantic expedition.

He believed that sailing west would be a shorter route to Asia. He met with King Henry VII. The king gave him a grant to discover new lands for England.

In May 1497, Cabot and his crew left England on a ship called the Matthew. They sailed west and north. They landed on the east cost of North America.

The exact location of his landing is unknown. Some believe that it was Nova Scotia or Maine. He claimed land for England. He then returned to England.

In 1498, he made a return voyage to North America. It is a mystery what happened to John Cabot during this trip.


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