The Joyful Journey Kindergarten at Trinity

We invite you to go on a journey with us — a year in the life of a Trinity kindergartener. We are deeply committed to supporting the development of our students as caring, respectful human beings, and that's a nine-year journey that starts in kindergarten. We go to great lengths to assess and understand each child’s strengths, needs, learning style, talents, and interests. We aim to create a nurturing environment of learning and discovery that is just right for developing each child’s individual talents and gifts. We can't wait to show you how! So sit back, relax, and take a leisurely scroll with us through Kindergarten at Trinity.

The Joy of Friendship

Back to School

The anticipation and excitement around starting school — meeting teachers, making new friends, and being embraced by the entire Trinity Community — begins even before Day One. A very special back-to-school tradition happens the day before the first day of school when we gather for Snow Cone Day, celebrating the start of big, new adventures.

Daily Chapel

Our Episcopal identity is the foundation for who we are, and we weave Christian traditions and values into our curriculum. The most visible example of this is our daily Chapel service, which includes a reading of scripture, a homily, songs, and the celebration of birthdays. Chapel is open to anyone who wants to join! We're proudly Christian, and we're inclusive and welcoming of all people, regardless of their religious beliefs. In addition to Christian Foundation, another one of our core values is Diverse Community, and we strive to exemplify God's love for everyone.

The K–8 model offers a great balance, giving lower schoolers a nurturing learning environment while challenging middle schoolers to develop as leaders and role models. One of our favorite traditions is the K8 Buddies program, which pairs each kindergartner with an eighth grader. Through playdates and learning activities, our oldest students help their kinder buddies learn what it means to be a Trinity student.

Meet the Teachers

Ms. Bove

Kimberly Bove has been teaching since 1985, and she has been at Trinity since 2005. She has a bachelor's in Elementary Education from the University of North Texas. Ms. Bove says she loves teaching kindergartners because they make every day different, they keep her active, and they are unabashedly honest.

"I love the kids! I love their excitement, their joy of the little things, and their stories. They're sweet friends."

Ms. Williams

Jordan Williams has been teaching since 2013, and she has been at Trinity since 2016. She has a bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies from Baylor University and a master's in Peace and Conflict Studies from University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Ms. Williams says she loves teaching young children because their imaginative capacities are so open, creative, and collaborative.

"It's incredible to see how eagerly they embrace new ideas and learning each day with a delightful sense of play. They are like poets in how they see the world, both the large and the small, with wonder and joy."

Ms. Gallagher

Kathleen Gallagher has been at Trinity since 2019. She has a bachelor's in Early Childhood Education from the University of Delaware and a master's in Literacy Education from New York University. Ms. Gallagher says her goal is to make her students comfortable and excited to learn because if she can do that at a young age, it can inspire them to be lifelong learners.

"I love the nurturing side of teaching and being supportive, whether it's academically or socially or emotionally."

Two Teachers in Every Homeroom

For core curriculum, all kindergarten students benefit from a support network of teachers: a lead teacher plus a teaching fellow in every homeroom, two literacy specialists, two mathematics specialists, an art teacher, a music teacher, a Spanish teacher, and a Mandarin teacher.

The Joy of Learning

Inside the Classroom

At Trinity, learning happens anywhere children are engaged — with ideas, with meaningful work, with each other, and with caring, knowledgeable educators. Our curricula and teaching techniques have been carefully researched and proven successful, and our teachers continually demonstrate extensive understanding of effective pedagogy and delivery. More than anything else, we keep children at the center of our work. By knowing every student extremely well, we can provide the support and care needed to develop a strong academic foundation, built on confidence and efficacy.

Beyond the Classroom

We want to foster a love of learning — inside the classroom and out. The classroom is a wonderful and nurturing place, but we want to prepare students for the world well beyond Trinity. It's a great big world out there! And we offer plenty of opportunities to get out in it — from field trips off campus, like Sweet Berry Farm, to outdoor learning spaces on our 21-acre campus, like our community garden.

Literacy & Book Festival

Our literacy curriculum features small group interaction, play, games, songs, movement, and benchmark assessments — supported by a team of literary learning specialists, teachers, and teaching fellows. We meet every kid where they are, whether they enter kindergarten as readers or not. Our curriculum also includes an extensive writing component, because we believe every child has the ability to be a writer. Our Lower School literacy specialists build relationships with families that continue through the entire journey at Trinity. That continuity helps us extend the literacy curriculum into the home and ensures that no child slips the through the cracks. Each year we celebrate literacy with Book Festival, which includes a book fair, character costumes, author visits, and the Trinity Book Awards.

Joy of Family

Christmas at Trinity

Christmas is a special time at Trinity. It's the culmination of our Season of Light. Each year, we come together as a community to celebrate one of our most cherished Trinity traditions, the Lower School Christmas pageant. Students dress as familiar characters like shepherds, wise men, and even sheep! And always a crowd favorite, the kindergartners dress as angels. 👼 As part of our Episcopal Identity, we also celebrate and learn about other cultures and traditions — such as Diwali, Hanukkah, and Día de Los Muertos — during the Season of Light.

Partnering with Parents

One of our core values is Commitment to Family, we rely on our families to take active roles in the life of our school. The sacred partnership between school and home enhances the experience of our students and strengthens our overall school community. We welcome all parents and grandparents to volunteer in Parent Council, which supports our school and our core values through programs and events. We also depend on a Board of Trustees, most of whom are parents of current students and alumni. No matter the level of involvement, we are thankful for the leadership and vision of our families.

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Our core value of Commitment to Family extends beyond parents, of course, and we celebrate it each year with Grandparents & Special Friends' Day. Our honored guests enjoy breakfast, student performances, All-School Chapel, and classroom visits.

Joy of Being Yourself


From day one, music and theater are a regular part of school life. Students learn to read and notate music and have multiple opportunities to sing, move and play instruments as well as perform on stage for fellow students, family and invited guests. By exploring the performing arts at a young age, students learn the importance of drama in developing personal communication skills. These small experiences pave the way for Middle School Theater classes when students explore the roles of actor, director, playwright, technician, researcher and designer through many avenues.

Community Celebrations

Trinity families often say their favorite thing about school is our community. We couldn't agree more! We gather together in so many ways, big and small, to share in that community spirit, with events like Fall Family Tailgate, Spirit Night, Diwali, Dia de Los Muertos, Trinity Olympics, and eighth grade graduation. Community is at the very heart of Trinity. It's hard to describe and truly remarkable!

Just the Beginning

Kindergarten at Trinity is the first step of a nine-year journey, one filled with wonder, friendship, leadership, mentorship, challenges, and a love of learning. Families come back year after year because they feel connected to a community and because they value the personalized care and attention their child receives. We can't wait to welcome you into the Trinity family!

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