From Kyle Mashima of SoloStats Live, the AVCA presents at-home training concepts for a period of social isolation.

In Chapter 4, we showed you some simple ways to work on your attack skills while stuck at home, particularly emphasizing footwork and making proper contact with the ball. We ended by showing you some ways to use a rebounder that can help refine multiple components of your attack.

For some extra credit, we're taking it just a bit farther. Think of the rebounder as your setter. By hittng the ball into the net in a particular way, you can replicate the look and feel of a well-set ball - which you can then hit at a specified target.

This can be especially useful as it demands accuracy and strength in a specific way. You've got to be accurate with the initial hit, and use proper footwork to re-position yourself towards the chosen target: you must have good control over the various movements.

If you've got access to a backboard (such as the old hoop that can be used for serving or setting referenced in prior chapters), you can also work on your reach. There are a lot of taller players that don't make the most efficient use of their swings because they lack proper elbow technique - you can easily lose 5 to 6 inches on your reach by simple swinging incorrectly over and over - effectively rendering that extra height useless.

The only real way to help players understand how it should feel when they're maximizing their reach is to practice the motion over and over - you can tell a player to "get their elbow up" until you're blue in the face, but they have to feel what that means in order to fix it. Using the elastic, suspend the ball from the rim over a fully-extended basketball hoop, like seen below.

This gives you an opportunity to take an approach and work on your swing over and over - and by suspending the ball at your maximum height of attack, you can train your arm to fully and properly extend during your swing - you always want to make sure that you're hitting at the top of your jump. It may take a few tries to find the right height, but force yourself to be a little uncomfortable and push the limits.

Chapter 5 will focus on blocking, where it's also important to be operating with excellent jumping and arm extension. In the meantime, make sure to re-visit drills that you've worked on earlier and practice the movements. When an athlete is still developing, taking the time to work on the details can make all the difference.

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