Andrew Carnegie Captain of industry or robber Baron?

Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland to a lower class family. Later in life, Carnegie emigrated from Scotland to the U.S. Carnegie took an interest in the steel industry and quickly created a monopoly. He created and innovated new ways to manufacture steel. Not only did he take over the steel industry but also gave back to others as a philanthropist. For all these reasons, I believe that Andrew Carnegie was a Captain of Industry.

Carnegie created a monopoly in the steel industry with his new, innovative ideas. For example, he used vertical integration to take out his competitors and these low prices provided many businesses with more steel. Carnegie created different ways to gain more profit and the industry.

Carnegie looked for different ways to be more efficient in creating steel. The Bessemer Process created steel in 15 minutes instead of 2 weeks and Carnegie quickly jumped on the new advancement in technology. By pioneering new processes and methods, Carnegie lowered his steel prices and forced competitors out of business.

Carnegie was not only a steel magnate but he also was a philanthropist and donated some of his money back to society. Back in the day, his money went to supporting the arts and Carnegie even built a music hall in his name.

Fast Forward to Today

Today Carnegie's foundation still donates millions to education and research not only in the U.S. but also in Africa. Also, his foundation gives money for the development for colleges, such as Columbia University and University of Baltimore.

Carnegie's steel was used to make beautiful skyscrapers and buildings that are still used today. These buildings are now used for many corporations and jobs. Also, Carnegie built several bridges that help Americans commute everyday.

Carnegie Mellon University has thousands of students and it is one of the best schools for engineering. This school is the home to many bright, young people and they are the future of America.


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