on the road to HOMECOMING

The junior powderpuff team celebrates their win. Photo by Sarah Hinnant.

This year's homecoming theme raced around the country, from Florida to California, and made stops for different events, like the talent show and Powderpuff game, along the way. Find out all information about this wild ride below.

(top left) The freshman class assembles with the rest of the school for the Glow-in-the-Dark pep rally. (top right) Junior quarterback JJ Baird catches the football at the homecoming game. (middle left) Junior Darida and freshman Carlos Valencia-Gonzalez pose for IT day. (bottom left) Sophomore Olivia Tulloch and Rachel Pu dance together in the old gym. (bottom right) The junior Powderpuff cheerleaders perform their routine. Photos by Juliana Joyner, Courtney Downing and Maggie Taylor.

Revving up school spirit

Seniors Caitlin Ramirez, Autumn Leggio and Angel Villanueva show spirit in the senior section at the pep rally. Photo by Juliana Joyner.

Return of the glow-in-the-dark pep rally

story by Laura Shaw

Lights go off, students go wild, glow sticks are lit, neon shirts adorn every student in sight and school spirit is everywhere.

Highlights of the pep rally featured the return of the senior and junior Powderpuff cheerleaders, and performances by the dance team featuring certain staff members. There was even a surprise appearance by athletic director Jay Getty on top of a cheer pyramid sporting an American flag helmet.

I had lots of fun. Administration put a lot of effort into it and you could tell,” junior Tally Chamlin said.
(top left) The sophomore class raises their hands in the air together. (second to top left) Freshmen Evalynne Oberosler, Kaylee Upchurch and Jenna Hoffman cheer with the students. (top right) The senior Powderpuff boys throw senior Vincent Le into the air. (second to bottom left) The cheer team and science teacher Romina Jannotti dance together. (second to bottom right) Le and senior Connal Crossan from the Powderpuff team laugh together with their glowsticks. (bottom left) Principal Robert Frasca holds up the spirit stick. (bottom right) Le finishes his Powderpuff routine with the other seniors. Photos by Juliana Joyner and Faith Marino.

Seniors paint Paws on the Wall

story by Alexis Madlang

Seniors dipping their hands into Hagerty blue paint created the same feeling they had when they used to finger paint in kindergarten. Putting their hand prints on the wall marked the beginning of the end to their educational experiences.

The tenth annual ‘Paws on the Wall’ took place Tuesday, Oct. 1, and seniors got to leave their mark by dipping their hands in paint, putting them onto the wall and signing their names in Sharpie. This tradition happens every Tuesday of homecoming week.

“I loved the feeling of signing my name on the wall and leaving a physical legacy for me to be remembered by,” senior Desiree Ali said.

(left) Senior Dominic Diatzikis signs his name by his paw print. Photo by Sarah Hinnant.

The drive of competition

Seniors Park Wickizer, Vincent Le, Michael Maxwell, and Cade Schexnayder get hyped up for the powderpuff game. Photo by Sarah Hinnant.

Hit me with your best shot

(top left) Junior Kassity Mediavilla rushes towards the dodgeballs. (middle top) Senior Conall Crossan prepares to knock out a member of the other team. (top right) Mediavilla chucks a dodgeball across the gym. (bottom left) The audience cheers on the competition. (bottom right) Sophomore Parker Douglas scrambles to grab a ball before senior Colin Voss. Photos by Eileen An.

story by Zoey Young

The chants of encouragement coupled with applause from spectators was all one could hear outside of the annual homecoming dodgeball tournament.

I love watching kids get competitive, especially when they play against teacher or administrator teams,” leadership supervisor Sarah Jarem said.

The tournament occurred in the old gym on Oct. 3 at 6:30 p.m. Lasting until 8 p.m, the stands were filled with administrators, teachers, parents and students as they rooted for their favorite teams. Multi-colored Styrofoam balls flew through the air, sometimes flying into the crowd as players took their best aim at opponents.

Juniors defeat seniors for first time in Powderpuff history

story by Andrea Izaguirre

Sprinting down the field, all eyes on her, junior Ally Bortz made a risky interception with two minutes left in the last quarter, before she assisted in the 75-yard winning touchdown by fellow junior Daryn Miller. The juniors, who were down 17-15, beat the seniors 22-17 in an unexpected upset at Sam Momary Stadium on Oct. 2.

We did a very good job rushing the seniors offensive line. Grace Truong... led us with some very successful offensive plays,” said Bortz.

With Siara Youngblood as the punter, the junior class was successful in all their kickoffs. In turn, quarterbacks Courtney Muglach, Lauren Tulp, Miller and Truong led the junior team on offense.

“We didn’t really expect to win, it’s kind of unheard of,” Truong said.

Junior Olivia Lipari attempts to catch the football. Photo by Maggie Taylor.

Varsity football wins homecoming thriller

(top left) The student section sends plumes of baby powder into the air. (top right) Junior Porthos Sattler, senior Kyle Shaouni, senior Clay Caldwell and junior Sam Bornealus take their starting positions. (bottom left) The varsity cheerleaders and football players race down the field. (bottom right) Seniors Jonathan Robbins and Samantha Gonos wave to the crowd as homecoming king and queen. Photos by Juliana Joyner.

story by Haley Hibdon

With two minutes left in the final quarter, the varsity football team was behind 14-13. The team needed to score and they needed to do it fast. Then, with 30 seconds left, a pass to senior wide receiver Shomaree Blake from junior quarterback J.J. Baird led the team to the winning touchdown.

We were playing for all people up in the stands that can't do it. We know they're depending on us, so we had to do it for them,” Baird said.

At halftime the score was tied 7-7. The team had evaluated their mistakes and in the second half, the energy of the game flipped. The student section was chanting cheers as the team dominated down on the field.

Students show true colors at annual talent show

story by Lukas Goodwin

After the annual talent show, hosted by TV Production as a part of the homecoming week agenda, fan favorite senior Joe Davis brought things to a close for the night as he was handed the microphone and he broke into song.

All 17 contestants danced and laughed together as they celebrated the top three winners: senior Soomin Eum in first place, seniors Francheska Olazabal-Vega and Faith Nichols in second, and sophomore Benjamin Rutan in third.

“I was super nervous. But I just looked at my partner… [and] it made me more comfortable. It was just better working with someone,” said Olazabal-Vega.

Senior Soomin Eum accepts her first place award. Photo by Faith Marino.

Dressing up for the road

Students party in the pit in the old gym at the homecoming dance. Photo by Maggie Taylor.

The spirit days of homecoming week

In order to garner school spirit and get students excited for things like the after-school events and the dance, each day of the week was themed after a different state to reflect a true "road trip." Students went from wearing cheesy floral shirts and sunglasses iconic to Floridan culture, to the nerdy glasses and bow ties of the high-tech Silicon Valley.

Monday: Tacky Tourist

Sophomores Megan Schmitt, Landyn Pittman, Sofia Llerandi, Nadya Nute, Tiffany Odimegwu, Amelia Bohl, Avery Machules, Maddy Rhode, Avery Anderson, Sabrina Valentin, Brandi Heckle and Katie Reed huddle together for a group picture. Photo by Courtney Downing.
Juniors Collin Bruno, Ryan Schmitt, Sam Ransom, Luke O'Dell and Elijah Calbeot strike a pose. Photo by Courtney Downing

(left) Sophomores Juliette Rodriguez, Asia Kendall, Jennifer Ballentine and Erin Rodd laugh together for their picture. Photo by Courtney Downing.

Tuesday: Country vs. Country Club

(top left) Juniors Laila Viator, Ally Bortz and Grace Truong line up together. (bottom left) Freshmen Lindsey Gimbert, Carolise Mercado, Ava Keating and Sofia Federman and their other friends joke around before taking a picture. (right) Junior Hannah Cannata fixes junior Hannah Roberts' overalls. Photos by Courtney Downing and Peyton Sutch.

Wednesday: Rest Stop

Sophomores Jolee Moss, Katelyn Mcclellan, Isabella Fermanis, Emily Matthews and Savannah Hill pretend to take a nap together. Photo by Courtney Downing

(right) Sophomores Adeline Hart, Molly Farrell, Anna Hawkins and Karley Rasch take a selfie with their blankets. Photo by Courtney Downing.

Thursday: IT Tech

Juniors Morgan Vanhoozier, Alexandra Zwarycz, Megan Edney, Olivia Schutz, Celeste Dixon, Darida Valencia and Brooklyn McLaughlin look at their calculators for a group picture. Photo by Courtney Downing.
Sophomore Anisa Mafarachisi and Hannah Dayton have their photo taken by friends. Photo by Mizbah Ateeq.

(left) Juniors Charisma Mae and Xiomy Sam pretend to study some notes together. Photo by Courtney Downing.

Friday: Music Festival

(top left) Junior Mackenzie Stewart and her friends coordinate a group picture. (bottom left) Freshmen Stephanie Rosario and Emma Stoner sit with their friends before the pep rally. (right) Juniors Ariana Milnes, Emily Taylor and Laura Darty pose together in their neon shirts. Photos by Courtney Downing and Sarena Wilkerson.

The homecoming dance

As a big bow on top of the whole week, the traditional homecoming dance was held Saturday, Oct. 5 on campus. Students met with their friends and dates in the hottest spots in town for photos, and then went to the dance to let loose and have fun.

(top left) Students raise their hands in the air during the dance. (middle left) Juniors Ariana Jordan and Aren Nayak sway to the music. (middle) Junior Morgan Vanhoozier jams out with her friends in the courtyard. (top right) Junior Amy Joachim dances with others. (bottom left) Sophomores Rachel Pu and Ana Rodriguez dance in the crowd of students. (bottom right) A mob of students crowds around the DJ for their favorite songs. Photos by Maggie Taylor.

Multimedia story by Lukas Goodwin

with contributions from the Blueprint staff