America is... Constructive

By: Abraham Hermosillo


America is constructive for several reasons. Our founding fathers have created something that has live way past their lives and will continue to live way past ours. They have constructed a metaphorical and literal empire and no one may take that away from us. That is because it's not material. It is in the spirit and pride we take within ourselves when we say I am American. We have built cities, states, and one beautiful country. We have made mistakes, but we come back bigger and better. Our drive to be the best pushes us beyond all limits and it shows in what we build.

Vanderbilt's RailRoad

Cornelius Vanderbilt born on May 27, 1794 into a Dutch family in Staten Island, New York was a very hard worker since a young age. He worked with his father until he began to design boats. However, his focus shifted in the 1860's when he began owning some railroads. They were short, ineffecient, time consuming, and it was a very high entropy environment. Vanderbilt saw this as an oppurtunity and seized it before it went away. He bought most of the railroads between Chicago and New York and began to make them one cohesive, efficient, and unified system.

The New York Central Railroad

Vanderbilt went on to construct many other railroads. This helped transferring cargo, oil, and people around a lot faster and cheaper. This skyrocketed America's economy which in return went into building more cities and industrializing the East Coast. He even was the main driving force behind The Grand Central Station when it opened in 1871. However, it was torn down and rebuilt into the modern day Grand Central Station was opened in 1913. After all was said and done Vanderbilt was worth (with today's inflation taken into account) around 215 billion dollars. Towards the end of his life he was not as heavy into philanthropy as Andrew Carnegie and Rockefeller were. In fact, he only invested 1 million dollars into the creating of a university although he demanded it be named after him.

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam was a construction site to solve all problems. During The Great Depression the lowest the unemployment rate was 25% of he American population jobless. This means they weren't able to provide for a family or even themselves. The fought each other for food and shelter. Many would brawl for a job any weird job they can get their hands on for a few dimes here and there. The Bureau of Reclamation wanted to solve the issue of needing to tame the Colorado River, provide jobs to American people, and create hydroelectric power. The Hoover Dam solved all these problems.

Lake Meas caused by the Dam

Lake mead created over 2 million acres of water that is free to use for irrigation throughout all the southeast. This is used for farming, plumbing, and the movement of the water through the dam powers over 200 cities.

Arthur Powell Davis Director of the U.S Bureau of Reclamation

In 1922 Arthur Powell Davis proposed the construction of the Dam to congress. He called it "Boulder Canyon", the project had a high price tag of $165 dollars. It was because of this that many of state representatives such as Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nevada were frightened that the only state to receive irrigated water would be California. Herbert Hoover stated that the 7 states will split the water equally, but this did not stop the fighting.

Boulder City

Many ambitious workers came to Las Vegas in hopes of landing a job on this big project. However, they ended up building new houses six miles from the work site and they named this new establishment "Boulder City". This goes to show how many people began to be employed during this project. It was these very workers that slaved away in 140 degree tunnels and carbon monoxide filled tunnels. When they would die it was said that other workers would drag them to the Nevada side as that state payed more to their families in insurance. Although the workers hated the working conditions there were plenty of other people lining up to do their work. The construction had a very short time and very strict deadlines they did not have time to mourn the deaths of workers. They had to blow up the canyon rock with pounds of dynamite, they had to go 800 feet in the air with a 44 pound jackhammer to drill holes into the canyon all by being supported by only a bench and some rope, the workers then had to pour 20 tons of cement every 78 seconds to fill the deadline. The cement would take 125 years to dry normally so they had to problem solve and they ran cold tube throughout the wall to help the cement cool faster. All to finish the Dam two years before the deadline. If that isn't constructive I don't know what is.

Rebuilding The World Trade Center

9/11 was a devastating time for all of America. I will never be able to do it justice in one article. So I just want to start off by saying my condolences to all the fallen and their families. My prayers go out to them. With that being said, ever since it happened New York was planning on rebuilding it. The majority of people backed it. They exclaimed that it was no longer about just building a skyscraper... it was avenging those who lives were robbed at such an early point in their lives. This construction really shows everyone what America is really made of. Knock us down and we will come back 10x taller. I take this American spirit in everything I do.

During the September 11 attacks more than 2,977 civilians lost their lives. A time where people for the first time did not feel safe in the very comfort of their own homes. The freedom tower shown in the background was a symbol of unity, strength, and power. It was a way to show that those very people are gone but never forgotten. It shows that in a constructive manner America is caring. The towers construction began in 2006 and ended November 3, 2014. It cost 3.94 billion dollars. It stands at a proud 1,792 ft in the air. It is 104 floors and has 73 elevators. It was designed by a team of people. They have reinforced it with tons of cement and pillars. They said that it may look like glass in the outside but it is very sturdy on the inside. Today it stands tall in memorial of all those innocent people who lost their lives in such a hateful crime. This tower makes me feel proud as an American. Knock us down and we will come back taller and stronger than ever before.

Vanderbilt's RailRoad

Vanderbilt's RailRoad is a great example of how America Is Constructive. He built a means of transportation for people and goods. It later was used to create other economic means such as oil it opened new oppurtunities for everyone.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam was a construction in a time crunch. It showed that America can construct excellence in half the time. The construction of the Hoover Dam employed over a thousand people during The Great Depression era which is a time where almost 25% of the American population was unemployed.

Rebuilding The World Trade Center

The rebuilding of the World Trade Center not only shows how America is constructive, but it is symbolic in the way that we are strong. Our nation will get knocked down, but be assured that we will pick ourselves back up dust ourselves off and grow stronger

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