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My name is Kenia Vazquez and I am a senior at serra high school. I got into photography because the other electives I had to chose from seemed difficult. Photography seemed difficult too because I didn't know how to use technology and most of all I had no idea how to take pictures. The day I chose my classes for freshman year I told my sister that I was going to take photography we both thought that it was ironic.

My freshman year I hardly touched the camera as we had a group and I let my group members take the pictures. In Photoshop I only played around with curves tool and effects such as: tiles, duplicate, and the Band-Aid tool. For every picture I would try to Band-Aid the trash cans that were in the background, I felt so accomplished but now looking back at those pictures one can clearly notice the residue of using the Band-Aid tool. What motivated me to take photography 3-4 was the last project we had in photography 1-2. We had a model and we had to have ten pictures of them. When I had went to edit them I was fascinated on all the effects I could do and how one picture can say so much. My model was edgy and that was what I tried to get across. Another motivation was definitely Instagram, all the artsy pictures I scrolled through made my want be that photographer who captures those moments.

Being in photography 3-4 has not only taught me how to be a good photographer but how I could use this skills in the long run. I have a dream of going out to different countries and helping them in anyway possible and I hope to share the journey with photography. National georaphic has always inspired this dream but Mr. Pederson has allowed this inspiration to get legs of its own. Mr. Pederson went to an adobe conference and he didn't retain anything he learned from us . He showed us the testimony of a famous photographer who goes to wars and photographs the events. She explained that the media has withheld many things from us yet because of her and many other journalist who are willing to use their photography skills for the greater good- even if that means risking total sense of safety- they share the truth. If she keeps her camera stable in war I could try to keep the camera stable on the children's faces.


REFLECTION: For the revised project I chose angles. It seemed easy but I wanted to do this project because I wanted to become more aware of angles. This project was extremely hard because I couldn't find anything that would seem good as a bird's eye view. The pictures I went with were not really detailing the bird eye view itself. For the worm view there was more to choice from such as; leaves, grass and details on the floor. In my opinion what made bird eye view difficult was the lack of tools. If I had stairs or had being on a building looking down on objects they would have seemed much more smaller and a bit more creative. For the worm view I was able to get the detail of the concrete and on the leaves. The worm's eye effect is created because the in the background, the huge trees and a little bit of the sky. For the bird's eye view picture I stood on the bench while Elizabeth was looking through her pictures. This Doesn't really have an effect of bird's eye view I could have made her sit on the floor so she would seem further away and I should not have zoomed in to have a better effect.

Day in Serra:

REFLECTION: For this project we had to show off our day at Serra. For my project I took genetic pictures such as; my classroom for first period, the door of my second period and of benches that I see on my way to sixth period. The ones I am sharing with you are the pictures I think are interesting. The 'conquistador court' sign is something I have never noticed until I had this project. As I was recreating my walk from second period to third period I was looking around for different things that I had never seen the sign was one of those things I have not seen before. What I struggled was with the lighting because it was very sunny outside the picture got washed out or the letters were not in sharp focus. In Photoshop I was able to pass the burn tool on it and get the letters a bit more clear. The second picture is another one on my way to third period. I have a friend that waits for me in front of that fence I tried to take the picture in a different perceptive than just the bars in vertical position. As I was positioning myself I saw the lock and it looked pretty interesting, it seems to have a face and it looks very different from the locks I have seen. For the last picture I chose the one of my fourth period teacher's cup that contains pennies. The cup was too adorable but I had to take a picture of the backside of the cup because it is something I don't see often and it seems better as it demonstrates my teacher perfectly as his cup states: 'You are my best friend' the pug to its owner. Although I think my teacher has more of a father son relationship rather than a friend relationship.

SPIRIT Poster:

REFLECTION:This project was about capturing objects or anything that represent a word from our SPIRIT poster. S represent scholarship, P stand for perseverance, I is integrity, R represents responsibility, and the second I is for innovation and lastly, T stands for teamwork. I did not post all the pictures of my SPIRIT poster but here are some that I had to decide between. For Teamwork initially I had some of my classmate Elizabeth's friends to do the classic rockett's leg move but I as looked at the picture realized that the model in denim jeans was doing the wrong leg and it was noticeable. The following days I had to find other models to do this pose, the previous models were not available the following days but Elizabeth helped me find new models. This time I was going to make sure they all had the same leg raised. I like both pictures for teamwork one shows teamwork even through tough times (the caste) the other one I like because of all the matching shoes. For the word Innovation I decided to use the keyboard and my own glasses because this word was officiate with technology and how we - the students- are using it. The struggle with this pictures was how to position my glasses and what angle I should take the picture. Other struggles were the lighting in the classroom and not being able to get sharp focus on the letters on the keyboard. After all I chose the second picture of the glasses on top of the keyboard because I wanted the audience to easily recognize the keyboard but I honestly like the first picture (the glasses in front of the keyboard) because the background has a shallow depth of field.

Portraits of Classmates:

REFLECTION: For this pictures I had no idea how to make them look great it was my first time manipulating all of the settings I was difficult because I don't think I have any stability in my hands to hold the camera thus most pictures were not in sharpe focus. The second time Julie and I went to light room we were able to be proactive as we took the settings from the first photo shoot and we now knew how to position ourself so so the glare wouldn't reflect on our glasses. The first time in the light room was better because we had assistances and they helped block off the direct light that made a glare on Julie's glasses however we were more comfortable working it out together without much people around.


REFLECTION: For this pictures I had no idea if I should be open or somewhat disclosed. My mother, sister and I live in a room that we rent from a friend. We got to this situation after the unexpected split of my parents. This occurred on September 4, 2015 we have been living there since, we have grown to love the place but overall it has taught us a lot. The first picture of a mug and some books is because I have found encouragement in writing and reading the bible. In this room the light of the window above the couch brings in bright light and I enjoy drinking my coffee with the beautiful light that it brings in. The second picture is of the hands of my mother and our dinner it demonstrates how we have grown closer. For the third picture it is of my dog, he was a crucial piece to recovering from what had happened. The last picture is of some slippers that my dog has ruined however whenever I step into these slippers I feel safety and ease. These pictures do mean a lot to me as I had to evaluate my current situation versus what we went through to understand what home is to me, It is more than the materials I have shown here. The main challenge of this project was trying to get the right white balance.

Homework Idea: An idea for a homework project is that we take pictures of the one event we enjoy like the process of getting there or doing that event. this would be showing the time when they gather with their friends or family or our time with their pets. To capture ones emotions and of the others around them. Other idea could be visiting a place one has never been too, it could be any place. The pictures could be of our emotions and the people we find and talk or the particular objects grab our attention.

My Photography:

Past Pictures;

My favorite place in San Diego.

Reminds me of comfort.

The detail of the unseen things.

My Year:

done well:

What I have done well this year is to manipulate the settings in the camera. I have learned to switch setting and getting the right ISO, f-stop and exposure time. I have also being able to direct the models a bit better. I used to just stand there and hope the model would pose, now I was able to direct Julie on how to tilt her head or how to position herself either away from the sun or towards the sun. I also have improved on being aware of the lighting on the model. that they are not getting dark eyes because of the lighting


I hope to improve I hope to be able to use the Photoshop tools well. The tools in which I hope to improve on using is the Band-Aid tool to make the models face smooth and clear. I would hope learn how to focus directly on the eyes of the model. The pictures of Julie were not all in focus and the ones that were, the eyes were not in focus. If the eyes are not in focused it diminishes the interest of the photo. My last goal is to be able to work comfortable around other people and to be able to keep my hands stable so the outcome of the final picture is not blurry.


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