Popular South Korean Sports What They Are and how is it related to humanities

Sports Culture Among Youth

Youth in South Korea don't play many sports. They are focused on other things like getting a job or finishing school. That means they don't worry about sports as much as other countries. But for the kids that do, taekwondo or football (soccer) as a sport they tend to play. Taekwondo originated in South Korea with influences of different countries fighting styles and techniques. It is also an Olympic event that South Korea has been very successful in winning. They have won a total of 14 medals in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Figures, coming from the homeland of the fight.

An example of kids being in Taekwondo.

South Korea also has a heavy influence from the western world. Another popular sport in South Korea is baseball. Not many children see it as an interesting sport, but adults do. It was introduced in 1905 by an American and the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) was created in '71.

Popularity of Football in Korea

South Koreas most popular sport is football (soccer). They play under "Korea Republic" and their names of the teams can be the Red Devils, Taegeuk Warriors, or The Reds. The Korean has played in the FIFA World Cup, Asian Cup, and the Olympics. They weren't as successful in the Olympics, only finishing as bronze medalists.


The FIFA U-17 World Championship is a championship for males under 17 from various countries that play for a title. It was created in 1985 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). It was called the FIFA U-16 World Championship until after 1991, when they raised the age limit. They also have a womens U-20 League.

Korea Republic-Red Devils

The Red Devils lost to Nigeria in 2009 at the U-17 World Championship. They were at the quarter finals and to this day, are very proud of their accomplishment.

FIFA World Cup 2002

South Korea made the quarter finals in the 2002 FIFA World Cup against Spain. It was their first major win and one they are proud of.

How this correlates to Humanities?

Although South Korea is influenced by the western world, the country still has it's roots. They are proud of what they do and the outcomes of them. South Koreans can pay tribute to the creators of it in the beginning of the Olympics, or before a fight. As far as youth is involved, they start off learning the sport at a young age and the art of what they learned will stay with them as they get older. The players lead by example and some will try to be that person.

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