Stone Fox Book report


Stone Fox is a short children's novel wrote by John Reynolds Garduier and it is his first book and best known of Gardiner's books. Stone Fox was acclaimed and very popular when it was published in 1980. It sold three million copies and was turned into a television movie in 1987.It was named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year for 1980, and was included in 100 Best Books for Children by Anita Silvey.

Main characters

Little Willy - A little boy who lives with grandfather in the potato farm in Wyoming.

Searchlight - Willy's loyal big black dog which is born at the same day as Willy.

Grandfather - Willy's family member who is bedridden because of some reason.

Stone fox - A native resentful of White seizure.He never speaks to Whites and has never lost a race.


This story is about a little young boy called Willy,living with his grandfather and his dog.But during a harsh winter,his grandfather falls ill and get bedridden.Miserablely,the tax collector comes to collect back the taxes but Willy can't make it since his grandfather cannot work for money.So Willy had decided to enter the National Dogsled Race and beat all other racers to win the $500 prize money that is required to save the farm.

Favourate scene

My favourite scene of this book is when Willy joins the competition,my reason of choosing this scene is I think even though Willy is only just a little kid, but since the farm is endangered,he still joined in the competition and pay hard for it.It really showed Willy's perseverance and confidence in doing it.It makes me feel so fiery-spirited while watching it.


After finished reading this story,I was inspired because of Willy's passion.I am also stunned about these story line.Although so many bad things happened to Willy through the story,he didn't give up and tried to carry through it.In my opinion,it is a fantastic book that tells us much principle and it is also a wonderful book for us to learn.

Thank you for reading my book review

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