GenTech memories Things done from 2016 - 2017

One of the first things we did for the GenTech programs was an activity called the breakout box. It really helped to stress the importance of working to together to complete a task.
During this year we also learned how to fly drones. It was very rough at first, but proved to be a simple task with lots of fun attached with it.
We covered how to use and the uses of green screening this year. Green screening was a crazy activity that was very finicky at times, but the amount of creativity and nonsense it helped us create was priceless.
This year we went over a lot of apps. Some of the apps we went over includes Doceri and Piccollage. These apps were useful in their own respect and are apps that should be used in a lot of classrooms.
This year we covered just about anything google. We learned everything from google doc to google forms. With this knowledge of google suite products, I could do a lot more school work with other people more efficiently.

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