Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by andy myers

Nature on Display: The shark exhibit was probably the coolest part of the museum to me, as the different size mouths and teeth were fascinating. I was mind blown by how large some of these mouths were, showing just how giant the various sharks were as well. I have always been interested in sharks, and seeing this displayed in an exhibit got me excited right off the bat. The pure size of the sharks that are now extinct is hard to imagine. Some of these creatures would contend as the largest, most dangerous creates on Planet Earth. It was neat reading up on the different types of sharks, and having them compared side by side like they were in this exhibit. What really shocked me was just how small the Great White Shark's mouth and teeth are compared to some of the larger extinct beasts, such as the Megalodon. The smallest size of this shark was about 40 feet, which is probably ranging from 8 to 9 humans! This is something I would never have even imagined if I didn't see this section of the museum in person. The lighting of the museum and the in detail explanations were the two things I enjoyed most about the Florida Museum of Natural History. Every exhibit had its own lighting that made the them more intense or helped emphasize an idea. For example, this shark section was dark and had blue lighting, representing predators of the ocean. Also, the in-depth information on every single public display allowed me to understand pretty much everything in the museum and allowed me to enjoy my experience much more.
Nature and Ethics: As Leopold stated, we are doomed in the future if we don't do a better job protecting our environment and continue to view it as a great way to make money. This doesn't just mean protecting trees and physical landmarks, this means protecting creatures that live in these environments as well. The Florida Museum of Natural History definitely allowed me to see this in a new light, as this picture is the perfect example of the problem in society today. There are multiple environmental concerns regarding the picture I took. First, there is a fish being netted in the background. One of the most critical environmental topics in the next decade is the concept of overfishing. Eastern countries have been overfishing to use fish as a source of food, which has led to the destruction of many underwater habitats and has led to birds and other animals who feed on fish to struggle to find food. Also, we have to make sure to keep our oceans, lakes and rivers clean, or else we too will feel the consequences of not protecting the environment enough. My friends who I went to the museum with didn't view this concept in the same light. My friends thought the act of the man catching a fish in this picture was completely normal, and they chose to not look into the negative side of the picture. This museum allowed people to connect with nature in many ways. They are able to learn about the history of Florida cultures, including what the physical makeup of the state used to be. All the exhibits help individuals learn more about this past and give them tips on how to help save the future. I definitely feel more a responsibility to help protect nature. I know that the future of the planet depends on how humans decide to take the next 50 or so years. We can take initiative and try to save the planet, or continue to destroy it as we have been doing.
Nature and the Human Spirit: Everybody needs time to take a step back and to relax. This is what the Florida Museum of Natural History provided for me. When visiting the museum, I was able to get away from my weekly routine just to learn about the history and environment of my state. A lot of the information was interesting as well as enjoyable. The museum really allowed me to take my mind off of other tasks I had to do, and this resulted in a very positive experience here. The picture I used for this section seems to be a very common exhibit, as it looks as though it is just a human who ran into a small animal during a typical day. However, I compared this man to me. This man looks relaxed, as he is laying down, while he is staring at the animal. My perception of this picture was man connecting to nature, where the individual in the presentation was trying to figure out the intentions of the animal out of curiosity. I feel like I am the same way, where I was trying to discover the meaning behind a lot of the exhibits in the museum. After trying to figure out why the man was sitting down looking at the animal, I came to the conclusion that there was no specific reason, the person just wanted to watch nature go by. That is one of the main things I picked up in the exhibits throughout the museum. The mystery and majesty of nature is unparalleled, as nothing is as random, yet as consistently beautiful as it. All we can is stop and appreciate it once and while and try to understand that we live in a great place.

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