• Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection of the lung. it is the deadliest bacterial infection in the world and is fatal in HIV sufferers. One third of the population are infected with tuberculosis and this is beginning to rise (it lays dormant in most people).

Tuberculosis infection is different to disease.

  • Infection - when an individual has come into connect with the bacteria and the bacteria remains dormant inside the host.
  • Disease - the bacteria causes illness in the host

who is at risk of infection?

  • Children who have been exposed to adults with the disease
  • Ethnic racial minority populations
  • People who live in low socioeconomic level

who is at risk of disease?

  • People with a weakend immune system due to to diseases such as HIV and Diabetes
  • Individual who has been infected in the past 3 years (infants and kids greater risk)


  • Placed on antibiotics for 6 months (infected individual is no longer contagious after first few weeks of treatment).

Recovery time dependent on:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Possible drug resistance
  • Whether it is latent or active TB
  • Infection location within the body
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