Field Ready:Stories A photo Essay From South Sudan

Embarking on a RED Team deployment in South Sudan

During the November-to-May dry season, most sources of surface water dry up. This forces millions of South Sudanese each year to leave their village homes in search for water. Some have to abandon their homes and move all together while others, usually, women and children, are forced to trek miles every day to collect water from ponds, marshes, ditches, or hand-dug wells. This water is often contaminated with disease-causing parasites and bacteria. The results are pain, sickness, even death, especially among infants and children

-Water for South Sudan

Andrew Lamb, Innovation Advisor and Ben Savonen meeting with Water for South Sudan, our local partner
Water for South Sudan spends 6 months during the dry season drilling wells in rural villages
Here is one of their finished water pumps
Often times parts break, drastically halting the drilling process

When parts break, the closest place to get a spare part is 800 miles away. This delays the drilling process and a quicker more effective means of making spare parts is critical.

Field Ready was able to locally manufacture spare drilling parts on site
"RED Teams give us the capability to respond to humanitarian needs in crisis situations as fast as possible. RED Team members are some of the leaders in the field of the innovations in which we work and we are able to deliver relief efforts in a unique way. In many ways, the purist idea of bringing exponential technologies and innovation into the field of humanitarian work is fundamental to the idea behind Field Ready”

-Andrew Lamb, Innovation Advisor

3D printing powered by a vehicle
3D printing a new and improved water pump cap
Testing to see that the new part is working
Thus drilling can continue!
Helping more people gain access to clean water!
A successful first RED Team deployment. Until next time South Sudan

Humanitarian Supplies Made-in-the-Field

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