A Day In the Life of a Teen Mom

This a day in the life of junior Neira Garcia. Garcia is the mother to 11-month-old son, Daniel Garcia.

Junior Neira Garcia plays with her son, Daniel, on the steps outside her home. Photo by Ximena Ibarra

Tuesday, May 9

8:12 pm - Gave Daniel a bath, watched him for 15 minutes

8:30 pm - Get Daniel changed

8:38 pm - I do my chores. [This includes] cleaning living room and dining room

8:50 pm - Tuesday [night] my parents go to church, I stay with the kids, give two of my siblings a bath.

9:16 pm - Both of my siblings are done [taking a shower], Daniel is crawling around the house

9:28 pm - I washed his five bottles. [This] takes about 10 minutes to wash them.

9:40 pm - I heated his water for [the baby] formula.

10:00 pm - Daniel goes to sleep after drinking his bottle.

10:06 pm - I take a shower.

10:20 pm - I organize my room.

10:40 pm - Done with my homework

11:00 pm - Go to sleep with Daniel

Wednesday, May 8

6:00 am - I woke up and did my hair, makeup. I got myself ready.

6:48 am - Done getting ready

7:03 am - Daniel wakes up

7:06 am - I brush my teeth

7:11 am - I get stuff ready for my mom and also help with [my siblings]

7:20 am - I watch for the bus

7:40 am - I get to school

3:50 pm - I come home and play with Daniel for an hour or two

Photo by Ximena Ibarra

5:15 pm - I helped my mom cook, then Daniel and I eat.

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Ximena Ibarra

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