What makes a star explode? Written by: Ian jang

What do you see when you look up? Do you see stars? All of a sudden, do you see a flash in the night sky? Do you WANT to know why Stars explode? Stars do explode. Stars do die. Stars do swell up.

What makes a star explode?

A star explodes when the star's core can’t produce the star anymore, resulting that the star's core getting too dense and too heavy. But then the core can’t handle it’s own gravitational force, which results in an explosion, called… A SUPERNOVA!!! A Supernova only occurs when a star is about 10 times or more bigger than our sun. This is called a “Supergiant.”

According to NASA; “When a star explodes, it shoots elements and debris and rock into space. Many of the elements we find here on Earth are made in the CORE OF STARS! These elements, travel throughout the universe to form new stars, planets and everything else in the universe.”

This quote means that when a star dies, it goes boom, and debris and elements such as Gold, Carbon, Iron, Oxygen, and etc, shoot out into the wanders of the universe. Most of these elements and debris go to dust cites called, “Nebulas,” (the building blocks of creating stars,) and form new stars using those elements. Also, those elements will go to planets such as Earth to form the building blocks we need. Iron in our body, Gold for money, Oxygen for air. Without stars exploding, we wouldn’t be HERE……..

What would happen to a star if it didn’t explode?

Stars about the size of our Sun do not explode. Instead, when they die, they swell up into a huge red sort-of fungi thing….known as a “Red Giant.” The Red Giant puffs up and eats planets one by one. When our Sun dies, it will eat Mercury, Venus, and the Earth. Don’t worry! That’ll happen millions of years after we’ve been dead!

What happens after a star explodes?

After a star explodes, the core suddenly remains, and starts to crush itself up. The core crushes itself until it's too heavy and too small to go any further, and becomes a neutron star, also called a “Pulsar.” Pulsars can weigh 10 million tons! Wow! If a star is a little bit bigger than the our sun, it becomes a Pulsar. If a star is much bigger than the sun, it explodes, and then something eerie happens… The core collapses on itself, and crushes so deep, that the core becomes extremely heavy, turning darkish black, and it becomes, A “Black Hole.” Black holes suck up anything in its way including light. Not even light, can escape a black hole! You see, when a black hole sucks up a rock, planet, etc, it pulls in the black hole, never to be seen again!


So, you’ve learned about stars, right? You learned that stars can swell, explode, die, and sometimes, stars can overload, and turn into weird things. Pulsars and Black holes, form in weird situations, and act and kill stars and planets in strange ways! You may have wanted to study stars many years ago, well, you’ve just learned about stars today! But don’t worry about exploding giant, SUPERMASSIVE stars and recordings by scientists that a Black hole, or Supernova may destroy the fate of our world one day! Just be glad that we are here, and we live in a happy place! You do not have to worry! For I provide evidence, for I claim that we will be safe, for some horrible, nasty, scary, vicious, terrible fiend may come to Earth, though…..we will be happy, safe, and living peacefully until that day comes!

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