Journey Log Ten Reflection Emma Johnston

What Are The Most Important Habits of Mind?

1. Curiosity:this is a very important habit of mind. without creativity, there would be no interest to learn something new. people would settle for knowing what they know and would not seek out more information or knowledge. people would also be fine staying in one place and never EXPERIENCING the world around them.

2.creativity: this is the second most important habit of mind in my opinion. without creativity there would never be new approaches to anything and people would not be allowed to put their own touch on any work they did. it also allows people to express themselves in different aspects of life.

3.responsibiity:people have to be ACCOUNTABLE for their actions in every aspect of life. this goes for writing and general day-to-day basis.

4.flexibility: not every work ENVIRONMENT or group will be the same. learning FLEXIBILITY early on can help with team building or just in general.

Reflecting on My Journey Logs

in my journey logs i mostly reflected on the week during class along with my class work. i seem to get more optimistic as time went on. i also notice that in the last couple, my specialization creativity seem to go down during the stress of the end of the year.i think that this is normal due to the fact that classes were coming to an end and finals were coming up. i wish that i would've kept my creativity up, as i had a lot of fun doing all of the journey logs. i think that the use of adobe spark made the journey logs interesting. i think that what motivated me to do the journey logs were the specializations. but, doing the specializations took a lot more time than i initially thought they would in the beginning of the the beginning, i think that the habits of mind really guided me through the first couple. after that, i gained more confidence when doing the journey logs and let the habits of mind guide my thought process instead of my work. i think that the journey logs are important because they provide a general guideline for people to be successful. i could see the habit of mind being used in therapy along with in a class setting. i will continue to use the habits of mind in all aspects of my life. i think that they could apply to anything i do whether it be a job interview or a group project in biology.

Thoughts on Minecraft?

initally, i didn't think much about minecraft. I had played it a lot before with my brother and i thought it would be very easy for me. I think that overall, the raids were easy for me to complete but i found myself CRITIQUING all of the work that i did. i think that i wanted to produce the best work i could, and when i saw what others were doing i wanted to make my work better.

Have My Writing Skills Improved?

In some ways yes. i think that this class allowed me to be more creative than any class before. i think that i had the general knowledge to write any paper that was assigned. but the DIFFERENCE was, in the past i was never allowed the creative freedom i was in this class. We were encouraged to do whatever we wanted, and in some cases we were challenged to go against the rules. i relaly like that aspect of the class.


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