Special Education Newsletter December 2016

Upcoming Dates

  • January 10 SIT for Secondary 7-11 at the DO
  • January 12th SITH for Elementary 8-12 at the DO
  • January 16th NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Day
  • January 20th-New Teacher Training 11:00-3:30 at theĀ DO
  • February 10th-New Teacher Training-time and location TBD
  • February 14th-SIT for Secondary 7-11 at the DO
  • February 16th SITH for Elementary 8-12 at the DO


  • Present Level- Please remember to follow the template as your write your present levels. One of the big issues we are having is people are not addressing how the student's disability affects involvement and progress in the general education classroom under BOTH academic performance and under functional performance. Also, please label the present level so we know all areas are covered
  • State and District Assessments-be sure you mark with or without accessibilities
  • Written Agreement- You need to use this when you are excusing an SLP, general education teacher, ELL teacher, specialist, etc. When someone is excused you need to get written input from them and include it with the paperwork.
Evaluation Survey

Charlotte Danielson, the creator of the Framework for Teaching - the RSD-adopted professional standards which define effective teaching--has developed an enhancement to the special education related rubric. This enhancement represents scenarios that provide more detail and examples to assist special education teachers in understanding expectations and evaluators in recognizing effective performance.

The Special Education Leadership team consisting of Todd Eckart, Christine Krkovich, Leslie Murray, Erin Wolfe, and Liz Worthington, reviewed this new resource on Friday, October 21st. At the conclusion of the discussion, the team recommended that the special education teachers be presented a survey to gather broad feedback on the professional growth and evaluation system. Your feedback will help us better understand the how to best serve the needs of our special education teachers.

Please complete this brief survey. All responses are anonymous, we only ask for the level that you are assigned. (Transition teachers, please consider yourselves as secondary for this survey).

Please use the link below to get you to the survey.


ODE Finds District Predetermined Placement When IEP Team Discussed Ability To Implement IEP at high school

ODE found Lincoln County School District predetermined a student's placement by discussing the placement (ie. where the IEP could be implemented) at the beginning of the IEP meeting.

At the meeting in question, both the parents and the District staff agreed that the IEP could only fully be implemented at the high school, at the very beginning of the meeting. Because that determination was announced at the beginning of the meeting, ODE concluded that the placement had been determined prior to the meeting, which did not provide the parent(s) with a meaningful opportunity to be involved in the placement decision.

Takeaway: Discuss placement issues at the end of IEP meetings.

In the Matter of Lincoln County School District, Case No. 16-054-022 (Aug. 24, 2016)

When new students move in their files are requested by your office secretary. Those files will come to you first.

Once you copy what you need from the file please send the COMPLETE sped file to us as soon as possible. Please do not hold on to these files as we receive request for them and many times the file has not made it to us yet.

If you have a request for records from the state or any other school district, please send that to Virginia. She makes sure that any information that is needed, is sent out. Please save yourself the time and let us take care of that for you.


  • When doing a file review there are two parts. Please be sure both parts are done.
  • If you have a parent that speaks Spanish, you need to be giving them the Spanish version of the paperwork so they can follow along during a meeting. This can be found on the ODE website.
  • Prior Notice of Sped Action is always needed when placement changes and when identification changes. This includes when you have found a student ineligible for a specific eligibility.
  • When a student moves, drops out, graduated or has returned to regular education, the withdraws needs to be sent to Jennie as soon as possible. This becomes a problem around state reporting time because if we count a student that is not attending or receiving service we will be inaccurate for the reporting period. Please be sure the withdraw form is put on the top of a packet you are sending in so it does not get missed.
  • ESY dates July 11, 2017 to August 3, 2017
From the Student Services Staff
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