The upward momentum continues. You delivered last week, setting up the make-it-or-break-it Week 13. Last week, I challenged you to deliver a 30 percent increase. You did it. Congratulations go out across the Aflac Nation for an impressive 35.7 percent increase in Week 12. Here were your top performers:

As Coach Eric Leger reminded us recruiting needs to remain mission critical. We have to stay focused on it by drawing in the right people. It’s about building and developing a team of talented individuals that leads to sustainable growth. Let’s take a moment and recognize last week’s 22.4 percent increase, along with our top-five QTD market leaders in career recruits:

One more week left in the Superstar Contest means one more week to drive huge numbers in Existing Account premium. Make sure your team is fired up to get to the finish line and make the trip to Columbus. Here are last week's EAP leaders:

Become a lighthouse organization

Special thanks to West Territory Vice President Adam Michaels for hosting the call. Adam and team are building leadership cultures across the West Territory. For Adam, success isn’t just about netting big numbers. You must be able to sustain your organization and growth to be relevant 10, 20 or 30 years down the line. Here are three questions every leader should ask themselves:

  1. Why do people come to work with us?
  2. How can I become a lighthouse – a beacon that attracts great people and great talent?
  3. How can my organization make a difference?

Market Director Chris Hager from CA-LAS answered these questions by focusing on becoming a community leader and advocate. He asked his regions to run volunteer events, building his market’s brand – and his organization’s business – as an organization that does the right thing the right way.

Another bright light from the West, Market Director Barry McPherson from CA-SC answers these questions by showing an absolute commitment to his team’s success. Sharing his story about driving site seller adoption in the under-50 market, we saw how servant leadership can empower an organization and lift a team to the next level.

Now, the only question is: How will you answer?

A $50 million strategy

Taryn Reed is the West Territory’s business development manager – and she’s got her EAP strategy down to a science. Here’s how she identified a $50 million opportunity in her market.

Drive home a Q1 win and prep for PACE

We’ve got one big week left. Take your performance to the next level by following up on every Onset Marketing appointment, keeping your veterans focused on VIP goals and making sure your team understands how important it is to submit business on time: Here are all the submission deadlines you need to be aware of.

Remember, we’ll be launching into our Q2 National PACE event Week 16 – start planning now.

We got off to a slow start this year, but I believe we have weathered the storm and are starting to fire on all cylinders. Those feelings were echoed by President Teresa White, who wants us to keep pushing forward and, most importantly, keep developing leaders who will set the foundation for Aflac's future.

President Teresa White
"I know you’ve been working hard. To see the numbers turn makes me feel so proud of this team." - President Teresa White
Chairman and CEO Dan Amos

Chairman and CEO Dan Amos was positive, as well, and he, like me, has complete confidence in your ability to dominate Week 13. As Dan said, "You'll be remembered for how you finish."

So, here we go: The final week of the quarter. The final week to get your FAME and Convention qualification locked up. The final week to get the early lead in the FAME Your Way to Pebble Beach Contest. If you're not on the phone with your veterans about the Superstar Contest and your associates who are close to the $25K mark in the Change Your Lifestyle Contest, you're missing an opportunity. Go make the most of this week; I know you will.

A couple of reminders: There is an MKT call Friday, March 31, at 11 a.m. EDT. Our next TVP/MKD call will be Thursday April 6, when we will discuss the final Q1 numbers.

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