Notes from the president June 3, 2018

Hello Falcon Families!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Important District Information

Reminder - Summer Intervention

In order to best support our College Preparatory students academically and socially/emotionally, we will be adjusting our Flex Block to be intervention specific beginning Monday, June 11th.

  • Students will be dismissed daily at 3:30pm and our faculty will be holding core academic interventions. Teachers will communicate recommendations to both students and parents weekly.
  • This will provide students consistent core academic intervention, and an additional time to enjoy during our summer months.
  • Parents that would prefer their student to stay for the intervention hour, or are unable to arrange for transportation at 3:30pm, please know that all of our faculty and staff will be present. There will be space and faculty support for students wanting/needing to stay until 4:30pm.

New items to be aware of

Standards-Based Reporting - Fall 2018!

As we make our transition over the next few months to standards-based reports, we will be sharing information regarding our Competencies and broader curriculum design. Our standards-based reports will directly reflect students' performance with Essential Academic Practices (EAPs) and Essential Course/Content Competencies (ECCs) rather than just the limited traditional representation of a letter grade and course. Our standards-based reports will provide students and parents a detailed view of learning and skill progression.

We are also working on a Mastery Transcript sample to reflect how our students are progressing annually with their General Education Outcomes (GEOs) and General Education Mindsets (GEMs). We hope to have a version to share with families for review in July. Please use the button to read further about standards-based reporting.

We will start this week with our Four Core Pillars: Our Core Pillars are the essential foundation to our overall curriculum and student experience. Our Core Pillars create a foundational alignment between our vision, mission, values, and purpose. It is from these pillars that we drive our approach, our designs, and our decisions.

#1 - Academic Growth Mindset
#2 - Effective Communication and Collaboration
#3 - Positive Self-Agency
#4 - Modern Global Citizenship

We believe that these four core pillars are essential in understanding JPEC's focus, intentions, and designs. Next week, we will share how these are connected to our General Education Outcomes (GEOs) and our General Education Mindsets (GEMs).

Flexible Modular Scheduling - Flex Mod

We will continue to share information regarding our planning and implementation of this new design each week. Understanding the different types of "time modules" is important in understanding the overall structure.

  • 30 minutes Mod - Resource time and/or small group direct instruction
  • 60 minutes Mod - Normal standard class with direct instruction and independent practice
  • 90/120 minutes Mod - Lab based, large group, integrated studies, team teaching, interactive lecture

A statement and belief shared among schools that utilize this scheduling practice is that "time should serve students, students shouldn't serve time." We also believe this to be true. From the design of our school day, to the academic year, we believe in creating systems that are responsive to our students' needs and that ultimately serve them in achieving success.

Final Tennis practice & Team Picture
  • Tuesday, June 5th
  • Team pictures will be taken so please wear Falcon gear: maroon, black, or white
College Preparatory

Announcements & Reminders

Change of Release Time and Intervention Opportunity Beginning Monday, June 11!

  • Students will be dismissed at 3:30pm, and our faculty will be holding core academic interventions from 3:35-4:25pm for those students who need/want additional support.
  • Each week, teachers will communicate both to students and parents if they are recommended to attend intervention.
  • This will provide students consistent core academic intervention, and additional time to enjoy during our summer months.
  • Even if students are not recommended for intervention, if parents would prefer their students stay for the intervention, or are unable to arrange transportation at 3:30pm, there will be a study hall space available that is overseen by faculty and staff until 4:25pm.

Intervention Fridays Begin Friday, June 15

  • Starting June 15, College Prep will be holding half-day Intervention every Friday from 9am-12:20pm for the remainder of the term.
  • During this time, students will be able to work with their teachers to improve their academic skills and content knowledge.
  • Each week, teachers will communicate both to students and parents if they are recommended to attend Intervention Fridays.
  • Even if students are not recommended for intervention, if they would like to attend to work on assignments they are welcome to do so.
  • We saw tremendous growth and success from our students who attended Intervention Friday’s when they were recommended to do so, and we hope to see the same trend continue this year!

Upcoming events

Tentative Field Day on June 14

Annually we like to hold a Field Day during the summer for our College Prep students to celebrate as a school and to enjoy activities together outside. We are tentatively holding Thursday, June 14th as our date this year! Please mark your calendars!

College Prep 1st year STEM Camp

With the state's current push for increasing both Pathway options at the high school level, and increase STEM opportunities for students, we believe providing more opportunities for our College Prep students to explore science, engineering, and STEM will allow them to better identify interests and skill sets they have.

  • We are providing our first year College Prep students (6th grade) with a free STEM camp through a partnership with JAMA and Shop Rats: I Can Make It Camp
  • The camp is the 2nd week of July 9-13, and we are expecting all of our 6th grade students to attend this great opportunity!
  • If you have not registered your student, please do so as soon as possible!
  • If you need support in registering your student please let our office know!

early college

Early College Student of The Week

"I'm so excited to choose Kiana Coelho as my Student of the Week! I've seen her grow so much--academically and personally--in the past two years. In addition to the work she puts into her academics, she is extremely communicative with both her teachers and her peers. I see her regularly checking in with other students, making sure they are doing alright. In Focus each morning, she makes a point to say hi to everyone, which automatically brightens people's days. She is honest, loyal, and trustworthy, and she has a tremendous amount of compassion for the people around her. I can't wait to see how she uses these qualities to make positive changes in the world." -Ms. Nuyda

Spirit Week!

In celebration of prom, all JPEC students and staff are welcome to participate in Spirit Week! CP students do not have to wear uniforms if participating in the appropriate spirit day.

  • MONDAY Pajama Day
  • TUESDAY Twin Day
  • WEDNESDAY Career Day
  • THURSDAY Superhero/ Villain Day
  • FRIDAY Falcon Wear

Early College Summer Fridays

Based on the success of flex block throughout the year and the continued academic success of Early College students in their JPEC and college coursework, the Early College will not be running classes on Fridays, starting the week June 11th. There will be no classes on Friday, June 15th. We will continue to offer flex block clubs and interventions on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

  • Location: Cascade's Manor House
  • Date: June 9th
  • Time: Dinner: 7-8 PM, Dance: 8-11 PM
  • Theme: Masquerade (no full face masks)
  • Cost: $35/single, $65 couple
  • Tickets on sale now!
Looking Ahead

June 5th

Information Night | JDL Carnegie Branch | 6:00-8:00pm

June 15th

Summer Intersession Fridays Begin

July 2nd - 6th

Fourth of July Summer Break | No School District Wide

July 13th

Parent/Teacher Conferences by Invitation
  • Session 1 | 7:30am-9:30am
  • Session 2 | 11:30am-1:30pm
End of Year Falcon Family Event | Bowling at Airport Lanes
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