Mrs.Brown's Room By:Alessandra

Kids at work

For this project I chose Mrs.Brown's room because I have so many fun and amazing memory's there. This place makes me feel relaxed and I know I can feel free to be me because Mrs.Brown and Mrs.Natalie never judge how you are. Another reason I chose this place was because this room is so modern and cool. Mrs.Browns&Mrs.Natalies 2nd grade class room will always remain in my heart.

This is my ornament it is supposed to represent Mrs.Browns room. I think it came out very well. I made four tables the ,bunny's cage some books, a shelf and some other things . I really enjoyed doing this.

This is my Diamanté poem the first part is about Mrs.Browns room and the second is about SSEDS

Author Unknown

These are 2 quotes that remained me of Mrs.Browns room


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