The End or Something Like That Kaif Rehmani

Tell me about yourself. Which three adjectives would you use to describe yourself and why? I am curious because I keep on wondering what happened before Kim died. I also am unsure if I want to communicate with Kim after her death. Soon I became loyal and keep our promise and try to communicate with Kim.

Where do you see yourself fitting in? Tell me about your genre. My genre is fantasy, paranormal, and fiction . I chose those 3 genres because you really can’t communicate with dead people and make plans on how to communicate with them.

Where are you from? Tell me about your setting. The setting of where I am from alternates from past and present in this book. It is set in Las Vegas.

Though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the truth is looks are important. What makes you attractive and interesting to look at? The title makes a great appearance for this book because it leaves others hanging and wondering what it means by The End or Something Like That.

Tell me something that makes you unique. Out of all the books on the shelf, what makes you stand out? This book makes me stand out because of the way this story has flowed and the way every part of the story connects with each other.

Character Sketch: For the main character, pick three strong character traits to illustrate. Make a visualization of your character, with the three strong traits illustrated with text support from the novel. What do they say, think, or do to represent those traits?

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