Baptist Church By: Marvin Ancheta

History of Denomination

Baptists came into existence in England in the early seventeenth century. They apparently emerged out of the Puritan-Separatist movement in the Church of England. Some of these earnest people read the Bible in their own language, and sought to live by it. They formed separate congregations which accepted only believers into their membership, and they baptized converts upon their profession of faith. Their opponents nicknamed them “Baptists,” and the name stuck. This pamphlet will fill in some of the details of that story.

View in Bible

Basically Baptists have considered the Bible as authoritative for faith and practice because of its very nature. Baptists have insisted that the divine nature of the Bible is the basis of its authority. No other writing compares to the Bible. The Bible stands alone among all other writings in that it is uniquely from God and about God.

General Beliefs

  • The beliefs of Baptist churches are not completely consistent from one Baptist church to another. Baptists do not have a central governing authority, unlike most other denominations.
  • However, Baptists do hold some common beliefs among almost all Baptist churches. Baptists share Christian beliefs with most other moderate or conservative Christian denominations. These would include beliefs about one God, the virgin birth, the impeccability, miracles, vicarious atoning death, burial, bodily resurrection of Christ, etc.
  • Baptists practice believer's baptism or communion as the two acts of faith obedience to the example and commands given by Christ for Christians.


  • Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. Although, the name ‘Baptist’ implies that baptism is essential to some process of the Baptist faith, Baptists do not believe that baptism has any part of a person’s salvation. Salvation is by the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, and our faith in what Jesus did on the cross dying for our sins.
  • Most Baptists teach that all you must do in order to be saved and have your sins forgiven is to accept Jesus as your personal savior. They say that baptism is not important to salvation and not essential for the forgiveness of sins. They claim that they are saved and their sins are forgiven before and without baptism.


  • Instead of "sacraments" Baptists call them "ordinances". Therefore, historic Baptist theology considers that no saving grace is carried by either ordinance and that original sin is not washed away in baptism. Baptists have traditionally believed that they are symbols.
  • Some Primitive Baptists also practice foot washing as an ordinance.

After Death

  1. Believers will be taken into the presence of Christ in heaven.
  2. Heaven is a place of resplendent glory, and being with Christ in the glory of heaven will be far superior to our present earthly lives.
  3. At the moment of death believers will be made perfect and cleansed from all sin.
  4. Those who did not trust Christ in this life will be separated from God and enter a reality completely devoid of His common grace and blessing.
  5. When in heaven we will be continue looking forward (as we should be already in this life) to the resurrection of our bodies from the dead.

When a Jesus-followers dies they go to heaven, to be with the Lord.Heaven is not the ultimate destination. It said to be a holding place, until the final resurrection. The final resurrection God will re make their physical bodies. They will live, in a state of everlasting time, in God’s newly restored creation. This will be the unifying of heaven and earth.

Church Structure

First, Jesus Christ is the head of the church. It has no human headquarters or government outside its walls. There is no denominational hierarchy or massive institution to make rules for or take money from a local congregation. While we fellowship with all Christians holding basic Bible truths, they are not formally or informally joined to any group or organization of churches. Their sole accountability is to God and to one another. Second, a man or group of men enters a town or city, preaches the gospel to the lost, and gathers those believers into a regularly assembling congregation. Third, the founding evangelist stays on to pastor the church or turns it over to a man of his prayerful choosing. Fourth, the pastor along with the congregation will select men to serve as bishops and deacons who meet the specific qualifications set forth in the New Testament. These men will aid the pastor in his personal relationship with the Lord and in his ministry to the members of the church. At present our founder still serves as pastor and the congregation has recognized four men to serve with him as deacons. We also have one youth pastor in a full time status.


Baptism: While some Christian faiths perform Baptism on infants, for Baptists this ritual is only performed after a person professes Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Local Governance: Baptist churches assert that each local church is self-governing and independent of other churches.

Separation of Church and State: Baptists have led the way in the struggle for freedom of religion and separation of church and state in the U.S. and other countries.

Lifestyle: If gambling, alcohol and tobacco use are part of your lifestyle, the Baptist faith is probably not for you.

Biblical Authority: Baptists believe that the Bible is free of error and is the only source of God's truth. Any view that can't be tied to scripture is based on human traditions and is not God's teaching.


  • Many denominations have different views on homosexuality. The Baptist Church is no different. There are some different views among Baptist groups.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention stuck to the belief that the Bible condemn homosexuality, therefore it is sinful. They believe that sexual preference is a choice and that homosexual people can eventually overcome their homosexuality to become virgin. Despite the fact that the Baptist Convention sees homosexuality as a sin, they do not classify it as an unforgivable sin.


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